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I have the Alienware 23 OptX 3D monitor. The monitor only works in 3D when plugged in using the DVI-D (dual link) connection. As we all know ps3 doesnt use my question is if I get an HDMI to DVI-D (dual link) adapter is there a special/certain one to get or would all of them be backwards campatible with the 1.4 cable allowing me to push 3D content to the monitor with the nvidia 3D Vision kit?
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    3D vision requires 120hz, which is only possible with DVI-D or DVI-I dual link. That part you understand.

    However, if you are looking to view 3D blu ray with your PS3, you do not need 120hz. It'll perform at 24hz instead. Just plug your PS3 into the monitor with the HDMI cord and you are good to watch blu ray 3D.
  2. And no, a converter would not help in your situation.
  3. but the manual clearly states that 3d can only be funtioned through the dvi-d how would hdmi to hdmi tech support told me that i would have to use a converter...i just need to know if any converter would work...cause no converters says hdmi 1.4 to i need to know if any converter that states hdmi to dvi-d (dual link of course) would work.
  4. Because 3D gaming is different than 3D movies. 3D movies are 24hz, 3D games is at 60hz (times 2).
  5. Let me just state that I'm not speculating. I am basing this off of actual experience. For 3D movies, 24hz (times 2) at 1080p is all that is needed. I have a PS3 which I have hooked up to my 120hz monitor ( ).

    It works great for 3D movies.

    Games on the other hand, if I wish to use HDMI, require me to use 720p, which can support 120hz.
  6. OK so hdmi 1.4 or 1.4a from PS3 to the hdmi of the monitor with the nvidia 3d vision it.
  7. Yes, for 3D movies, it works. Remember, most 3D tv's, which only play moves, do not have DVI connections. They use HDMI 1.4.
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