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Hello, new at this, have issues with the game darksiders, got it during the steam summer camp, the game looks like it will be great, however I'm having issues with the cutscenes, for some reason they lag or stutter from time to time and also I noticed black texture on some of the environment, my question is, can this be GPU related? I have W7 64, xfx 5830, phenom 955.
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    If your GPU is overclocked, I'd recommend lowering the overclock settings. Darksiders was optimized for PC fairly weakly, so it uses a lot of resources for sub-par graphics. The 5830 is a fairly decent card though, so I don't think it will be purely a GPU performance issue. Do you have the newest graphics card drivers installed?

    EDIT: Also, the game is awesome, you're in for a treat. Second one is on the way... :D
  2. This is and most probably a GPU related issue. As Toxxyc said, if you overclocked, that could be your problem. Also are your drivers up to date ?
  3. Yeaiiii, response, thanks guys, anyway My GPU is not overclocked and I always update my drivers, 11.6 so far. I am however getting concerned now because when I use to play bad company 2, on the heavy metal map I would get greenish and purple spots on my screen, I contacted XFX and, well pretty much wasn't able to come to a conclusion as that was the only game and only map that produced artifacts. Also a sidenote I want to add, I have a sound card right next to my gpu and half of the gpu fan is blocked by the soundcard, I have a haf 922 with side 200mm fan as intake and a bottom 120mm fan as intake as well, I haven't monitored my temps yet cuz I barely have time, but are you guys trying to say its a temp issue, if my gpu was oc'd? And the game is great so far, just wished I wasn't having these issues...
  4. Did you try and remove your sound card. They're aren't that essential to gaming though.
  5. This can also be the problem with your GPU. What are your temps ? Download hwmonitor and record your GPU temps.
  6. a9je said:
    I haven't monitored my temps yet cuz I barely have time

    You're going to be very, very pissed if the card gets damaged due to overheating and you didn't make time to solve it. Artefacting means damage to the GPU, and period. If it happens, you're not supposed to use the GPU at all, not even if it "seems OK". Get the temps (if with HWMonitor or MSI Afterburner, doesn't matter) and get back here.
  7. Ok, I'll try A.S.A.P, it's just I'm away for the week but I should have temps by tuesday or wednesday, I have an XFX card so...lifetime warranty. Any tips on software I should run to test out the card, like to overload it, I know gta 4 has a benchmark. And the thing that confuses me is that why only some games in specific areas show artifacts? Like another thing, crysis 2, before update 1.9 i ran, finished the game with max settings, but after the update (not having the dx11 files installed yet) it would crash in the same scene after shooting my gun. It looks like all the fingers are pointed at the GPU so far. Also Alien vs predator crashes when I turn the light on at the begining of the game.
  8. If all games crash without an overclock, you've made sure all the software is updated and the temperatures aren't too high, I'm 99% sure your GPU may be faulty. Stick it in a friend's PC and test games on there to make sure if it's not possibly the motherboard (bad PCI-E slots, crappy power supply (both unit and delivering power to the card)) and you're sure it's the GPU. If it keeps failing on your friend's PC, contact your seller and request an RMA for the GPU. Better make sure it is the GPU though, or else you'll have to pay for the RMA and you're not going to be getting a new card.
  9. Ok, so finally made it back and was able to quickly download the HWMonitor and see what it showed, and I think it might be a heat issue. It maxed at 85C and the voltage shows at 1.16V, now I'm not sure how that works, I thought the voltage was consistent but it looks like it goes up and down and on minimum the temp 53C and the volt is .95V. Which takes me to my next question, now I will do research on my own and I'm sure its possible, can I switch the slot the gpu is sitting on, like using the second slot or third, I got the foxconn a9da-s, and I'm thinking of moving the card to another slot to maybe help the heat since half the fan is covered by the sound card and yes I know the onboard sound is good but I got the Creative labs X-fi Card, and I like the features it brings.
  10. Well, if you have another PCI-E X 16 2.0 slot, then you can move it. If its a PCI-E X 1 slot , then you can't. This is a GPU heat problem. 85 degrees just seems too high. Have you checked your heatsink for that GPU. Also, try increasing the rate at which the fan moves.
  11. Ok, so I'm pretty much a bit satisfied with the great info you guys provided. I monitored my temps for a whole day and the max temp so far was 77c, and thats playing darksiders, black ops, and crysis 2. For the alien vs predator crash I found out that it was pretty much the files needed to be defraged or verified, it was in steam so after checking the files the game continued even after the point it kept crashing. Crysis 2 however, even after reinstalling and updating, I kept crashing at the same point, so I decided just to play a more previous save file and didn't crash. Also I switch the slot the gpu was on and the sound card, so nothing is blocking the gpu, there is about 3 to 4 in of clearance between it and the power supply, which i also have a questions for. As far as darksiders, played a bit and didn't see any black textures, but the cutscenes are still a bit lagging, so I'm not giving up, just giving it time. And as for my last questions since you guys are super helpful, I'm upgrading my psu from a 550w to a 1000w and it has a fan on top of it, now will it overheat my gpu since its pretty close to it and well the fan will blow on it, or should I just have the psu fan blow at another direction. its the, just want to know how to install the psu either the fan hitting the gpu or away from the gpu. And thank you guys for the quick response and great advice, if you guys didn't tell me anything I think my gpu would've burned out with those temps. I also "unlocked" mu gpu so I can increase the fan from 20% to 50%, I would put it at 100%, but that a bit too much noise for me, even though I did have an antec900 with all fans at high, but this bites the dust.
  12. You should face the PSU's fan away from the GPU.
  13. Also, adding a side intake fan to provide more air for the GPU cooler may work as well. It lowered my GPU's temps about 5'C under full loads.

    Oh, and my PSU fan is facing toward my GPU, and I have no issues. I've seen quite a few successful builds that way, but I'm changing it this afternoon to see the difference it brings (if any).
  14. Toxxyc said:
    Oh, and my PSU fan is facing toward my GPU, and I have no issues. I've seen quite a few successful builds that way, but I'm changing it this afternoon to see the difference it brings (if any).

    It's just to be sure. I would normally face the fan of my PSU away from my GPU.
  15. Toxxyc said:
    Also, adding a side intake fan to provide more air for the GPU cooler may work as well. It lowered my GPU's temps about 5'C under full loads.

    Oh, and my PSU fan is facing toward my GPU, and I have no issues. I've seen quite a few successful builds that way, but I'm changing it this afternoon to see the difference it brings (if any).

    So is there a difference?
  16. Not that I could detect, no. It's worth saying that there is a significant gap between the PSU and GFX card though, and I haven't gone as far as to regulate room temperature and stuff for the tests. I'd say the difference will become greater the closer the PSU is to the GFX card(s), but in my setup it's not even noticable. :)
  17. Well, I guess I'll make my psu fan face up and compare temps before switching psu and after installing fan face up, my gpu is way close to power supply, so hopefully it might push more air to the gpu, my temps have been lower since moving the sound card out of the way and making the gpu fan run at 50%. Also Darksiders is going great, I just aquired the star boomerang thingy, I still get choppy movies, but I guess theirs nothing I can do about that, and my fps are always constant at 60 with drops to 50 from time to time.
  18. LOL @ "star boomerang". It's called the Crossblade... :D

    Choppy movies but smooth gameplay is funny. It's usually the other way around.

    Oh yes, and the PSU will always suck air out of the case, not blow into it. That'll be stupid. So, if it's a close cut, keep the fan facing away from the graphics card.
  19. Well as final notes, I finished the game, it was epic, especially the last minutes to the end, don't want to spoil, but yeah, awesome. Anyway, my temps have been low since I reseated my GPU, and the PSU is facing down and everything is running smooth. I did manage to grap a snapshot of the issue, but decided their is no point. Also looked in a read me type of file within the game directory and it states that their are texture issues and to correct just restart the game. Something to do with running out of resources. Thank you guys for the advice, if you guys didn't point out to my temps, my GPU could've been ruined, get it, ruin, wars' horse, nevermind. Anyway thanks again.
  20. LOL @ Ruin joke :)

    Now how about a "best answer" selection...? :D
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