ASUS and Tomshardware, what a fraud!!!

I have never been an avid reader of, but when i started to look for a new motherboard for my home system, i came to this website to see the comments and reviews on various systems, mistakenly though, I have always bought Intel MB's, never a problem, trust me, always go with your first instinct. I saw a very nice article indeed on an ASUS Black Pearl motherboard, I was very impressed to say the least, I went out and got the board trusting in evaluation and what they had published in their article, man what piece of probervial junk this ASUS is, not to mention their support system, I got to be honest with Tomshardware and ASUS, to call them a marriage of convenience for making a piece of junk of a product, and for the other to receive advertising money would be putting it lightly. If a product doesnt work out of the box, as many others do, then its broken from the its design. What would you call a motherboard that does not do what you want it to?, I call it a FRAUD!!!

This thing will not take the cpu clock i give it, im not overclocking it, I just want it to take the right settings, if i set it to jumperfree mode, and after it adjusts itself to desired cpu clock of 933 mhz, SDRAM clock at 133 and FSB at 133, it defaults to a cpu clock of 478 mhz after you save and close the BIOS setup, and there is no way in hell to make it change its mind, if I set it to manual mode, it wont boot up, or if it does and I tell the system to restart, it shuts down and it wont start up again for 15 or 20 minutes, Hardware monitoring system keeps giving me faulty readings, it says the voltage of the core and the other parameters are all wrong(I found this article on another website where they cite the same exact problem, so I know its not localized to my experience ) I have tried everything, I made backups of the BIOS and reflashed it, I finally found a BIOS upgrade after searching for it for 2 days (their website its a nightmare, there are a lot dead links on it and they dont even give you a phone number for support, I emailed ASUS in Taiwan, in China, Germany, the US and I have not received a single response, their drivers and software for upgrades its scattered all over the place in universities computers, and a pile of ftp sites of dubious procedence, its like an underground community of warez sites) nothing worked.


ASUS makes a fraud of a product, and like the peddlers of the 1800's stands on a soap box and yells "BUY THIS INCREDIBLE, AMAZING, FANTASTIC PRODUCT LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT, (THOUGH WE ARE GETTING PAID TO SAY THIS, 'CAUSE IN REALITY THEIR SUPPORT SUCKS, AND THE PRODUCT WAS TESTED BY OUR JANITOR)". The only thing they are sure of, its the advertising money they get from ASUS for saying this pile of lies. amazing the extemes people will go for to make a buck, never mind if its honest or not.

You are both a FRAUD!!!!

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  1. uhmmm, are you by chance running a 133 fsb processor? In that case you need to change the fsb setting and not the multiplier. for example if you have an 800 processor, you have 6x 133 not an 8x 100. I know two people who have the black pearl and they have nothing but good things to say aboot it. I myself had the a7v and a7v133 and never had any problems. And I overclock. Asus' supports does suck, but it's not that much different from the other board manufacturers.
  2. Yes i am running a pc133 memory, and the processor is a p3 at 933, the multiplier was set originally to 7, which is the right setting. My point is if there is a mistake in the settings, rthere is no way to correct it, you dont have that option, there is no way to tell the thing "throw away the previous cpu setting and let me make a new one", or for that matter why didnt it take the original settings i gave it, or if it did, why did it lose it?

  3. he didn't ask you what speed you were running your RAM. He asked you the Front Side Bus speed of the processor. Read your manual and make sure you have the FSB set to 133. I only use Asus athlon boards and on those it usually is a jumper that is set to 100MHz default. Oh and from what I gather the P3 will not accept any multiplier setting other than its own. That setting is probably for OC'n Celerons but don't quote me cause I aint the saviest on Intel info.

    Your Signature Sucks
  4. Yes yore right, the multiplier and the FSB are both taken by the BIOS automatically, thats why its called "Jumperfree mode", look, BOY!, im not a flower painted on a wall, Im a Systems Engineer MCSE+, I have 10 years experience with all kinds of systems, from a nintendo to a Wan complete with server farms, thats why I speak with authority when I say this is a fraud.

    never mind my signature, why would I want to spend time writting it on a site that has lied to me and who knows how many others?

  5. I don't know jack about your problem or Asus, although it sounds like for some reason your mobo is defaulting to 66mhz.
    "your signature sucks" is his sig, he's not knocking you, webmaster needs to add a line between the posts and the sig, it generally causes problems like this one.

    Independant thought is good.
    It won't hurt for long.
  6. Hatch, just out of curiosity, how many systems have you built? I have built about 5, all using Asus motherboards. Out of all of them, I have had zero problems, except for this last one, in which I have had a noisy northbridge fan. Don't hate the game ...
  7. Ufff, i dont know, in 10 years?, probably upwards of 200. This is my first ASUS product, I have always bult my systems and those of my customwers using Intel mobos, in all that time ,i have had 1 single Intel failure, a mobo that came with a bad BIOS chip. I heard from friends on the net, and some reviews here and there, and i always saw that it was touted as some of the best, I dont see why really, but frankly I am very disappointed, I bought it with an open mind, eager to find its shiny beads, just looking at their support system, and the design of their website left me with a lot of doubts, it is indicative of their lackluster organization, which in turn tells me this product was made in the same manner in which they present themselves to the world.
  8. "Conclusion;


    ok....i want to say that i have been frustrated many times building systems myself, so its cool with me if you want to blow off steam. however, i am a huge fan of this site because the guys who run it are tech-heads like me. they want to know whats good and whats bad, and why its that way.
    This board is based upon intels most stable chipset to date, and asus is perhaps the most popular motherboard maker out there. Although this combination could result in the crap you claim, i seriously doubt it. Also, I find it surprising that an experienced MCSE engineer could allow himself to draw the conclusions that you have:
    the fact that your board will not boot to the desired speed is almost certainly a result of improper settings. regardless, this level of frustration should be the status quo for an MCSE - I would know. We eat stress and frustration for lunch (and yes, most of it is caused by our oversite). nothing in the world of wires and resistors is without the capacity to drive us to the brink of madness. If you havent experienced that yet, you've either been really lucky or hiding in some companies basement hoping nobody calls with a problem.

    Toms a stand-up guy. if you've got a beef. say so. But dont slander this site by screaming fraud. its uncool. and its BS

    ignore everything i say
  9. Sir;

    You may seriously disagree with me, but you may not seriously doubt me.

    Im not writting this just because im bored, or as some sort of perverse sport, this is real, and it is not a bad configuration, I double checked every damned jumper, every connection, i went as far as dismantling the computer and putting together all over again, read the manual and followed their writting to the letter.

    Yes I have had problems and glitches galore in my time, but the difference with those instances and this one is, I always found a solution in one way or another, but having tried everthing I know and drawing from all my knowledge and from the manufacturers written and published claims of how this MB should work, I can categorically and unequivocally state, it is Flawed.

    I wrote Tom as well, never got a response, if he is a stand up guy, then let him write his own article, let him refute that vicious pak of facts...
  10. Sounds like the BIOS is running safe mode. (Forces 66Mhz bus speed.) Are you sure that the voltage I/O is set at 3.4V?

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  11. The Asus CUSL2 series is known to be the absolute best PC motherboard you can get. There customer satisfaction rating is well over 97% on this board. Of the hundreds of users I have spoken to, I have only come across 3 or 4 that wer disatisfied. Your problems could be caused by a faulty board-not likely, but it does happen. Even the best companies in the world can't catch every fautly part.
    What is more likely is that you have garbage memory. Memory problems are very common among almost every distributor except Crucial. And even Crucial sends a bad unit out every so often.
    If you screw up the BIOS settings on the CUSL2 it may be necessary to reset them by contacting the two dsicharge points on the motherboard.
    I use my CUSL2 to test stability of overclocked processors and never had any of the problems you seem to be having with your stock speed system. So you could have a bad processor.
    Your motherboard will default to 66MHz system bus if it fails to boot. This is a feature provided so that it you fail to boot you can still enter BIOS and make any necessary changes. If you keep booting at 66 even after changing to 133/133/33, you are either pushing your memory too hard, your processor is overheating, or you have defective parts. Under these circumstances I would suspect the memory first, followed by the processor.
    It is possible that your power supply is not providing an adequate amount of power to sustain full voltage output at full speed. Not likely, but possible. Use a 250-watt power supply and unless it's defective you will be fine. Go into BIOS and find out what your core voltage is under the Power tab. First find out what the voltage is set to, then see if you are getting that much. Your CPU core voltage should read 1.65v or 1.70v, your 3.3v should be between 3.25v and 3.5v, your 5v should be between 4.75v and 5.25v, and your 12v should be between 11.75v and 12.25v. If any are less, you probably have a bad power supply.
    If you send the memory, processor, motherboard, and power supply to me I will diagnose the problem for $20 and return them to you.

    Cast not thine pearls before the swine
  12. "If you send the memory, processor, motherboard, and power supply to me I will diagnose the problem for $20 and return them to you."

    thats beautiful, man! pure freakin poetry! ha ha. seriously, rock on crash. nicely put.

    ignore everything i say
  13. What else do you do for $20.

    I need a butler.

    "Now drop your weapons or I'll kill him with this deadly jelly baby." :wink:
  14. I think he also cleans windows. ;)

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  15. I'll clean windows for $20.

    Format c:\

    No more windows problems :)

  16. It is obvious that you have some defect, but I cannot see what you did to locate the defect.

    If for some reason the CUSL-2 cannot boot at the specified settings, it goes into safe mode. You are experiencing this, and it enhances your options to locate the error. It may be the motherboard, but it may also be another component, like RAM, cooler, CPU or something else. You have to work systematicaly to locate the defect, else you can try forever. Try keeping your settings from safe mode by saving them. Then see if the system works. Read the temps, if they are allright, enter BIOS again, and change only one setting.

    I have had 3 CUSL-2 motherboards that all worked. I know of 5 more installations with this motherboard that also works. We have had one defect that meant the board wouldn't boot unless you shorted the battery. But when it booted, it worked fine. But we got a new one. I have installed about 100 systems using Asus motherboards, and I find them to ve the best you can get. The only one with a defect was the CUSL-2. I have much fewer problems with systems based one Asus than any other system I have worked with.

    I wish you luck locating the error, and I understand why you suspect your motherboard, when I try new brands and experience problems, this is where I start lokking, and maybe you are right it is the motherboard, but you shouldn't have any problems getting a new one then, and this is certainly not normal behaviour for Asus CUSL-2.

  17. There is one sure-fire way of fixing problems like this.
    Go to whoever sold you the board and say "fix this or give me a new one"
    If you bought it from a reputable dealer your problem is solved stress free.

    Flame not, lest ye be flamed.
  18. Yeh, I clean windows for $20, but I clean clocks for free! And if your a young beautiful blonde female there are a lot of things I'll clean for $20.

    Cast not thine pearls before the swine
  19. You obviously don't have a lot of experience in this computer industry (as far as hardware is concerned). That's not meant to be insulting. Defective products, no matter who makes them is the nature of this business. No one can make a perfect product. Asus makes an awesome product. As for support- your right, they do have crappy support. But so does EVERY motherboard manufacturer. Motherboards are usually sold on a massive scale to OEM's who have direct contacts to tech support- and even then most builders don't even use tech support. They simply send back the defective product and get it replaced. That's what I do. ASUS isn't in this business to please the local hobbiest- they want to sell boards that perform and are stable. So, it's not surprising they don't care about your problem. EVERY motherboard manufacturer is the same- believe me!

    As for your problem, it sounds like to me it's simply a bad battery. Have you considered that?

    -MP jesse

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  20. I agree, it sounds to me like you have something against ASUS, or are one of those INTEL zealots. I've used ASUS boards in a couple machines never had a problem. As for Intel never having a problem, that's crap. Of the 75+ workstations and servers we use, all but 2 are Intel. They are far from perfect performers. And as for all your proclaimed experience: most of us here have the same or more qualifications. Just because you know what you're doing doesn't mean you can't make mistakes. And last: All hardware manufacturers make defective products, so don't hack this website (which is a great source of information) because of your shortcomings, or the shortcomings of your product.
  21. My memory chips are Infineon (Not Garbage Mate, some of the best out there) my power supply is a Codegen at 300 watts (again, not garbage, ample power to spare) and the CPU is an Intel PIII at 933 mhz (Garbage?) I'm not an amateur at selecting good components.

    It doesnt matter, i threw away the bloody ASUS, i bought it for it to work right out of the box, not to give me all this grief.

    Part of a good product my friend, is good support, Tomshardware misleads its readers by not stating that simple piece of important information, the times I asked Intel about an issue, I have gotten a response from them within 48 hours, its been 5 days I emailed ASUS, make your own deductions....
  22. why didnt you post here looking for answers before you freaked out and threw your board away and called Big Tom a fraud? people here might have been able to help! go dig it out of the trash and send it to me, please. I love asus boards!

    Seriously, Hatch, i cant tell you how many times I've gone to bed at 2:00 am after hours, sometimes days of frustrating troubleshooting that seems to get me nowhere. I swear off technology altogether.....promise myself that i will never again be fooled into attempting such a crazy project as (fill in the blank). man, we know where you are coming from. If you dont want to dig it out of the trash and try again, cool. but you gotta lay off the big generalizations like "Tomshardware misleads its readers"....

    ignore everything i say
  23. I dont have anything against ASUS, like on a previous post, I bought it with an open mind, and I was looking forward to seeing its performance, but, alas, It was a great disappointment, I am an Intel zealot, yes I do make mistakes, all of us do, but I admit when I'm wrong, and you gotta be able to laugh at your mistakes, cause youre gonna make 'em, I just might make the most colossal one, however in all honesty, I am certain I didnt make one this time, the board simply didnt work mate, the fact thaT a no support policy from ASUS just compunds the agravattion.
  24. Thats funny I had a couple of questions about my A7V133
    E-Mailed ASUS and hade two replies to two seperate E-mails
    within 4 hours and turned out it was my doing and they still were happy to help no problems.So I would say their
    tech support to the end user was not to shabby.
    As far as work right out of the box!!!If you are half as smart as you say you are then you should know by now that
    anything electrical can and will fail no mater how good or poor the quality.ASUS ROCKS,THEIR IS NO SUBSTITUTE

    Rock out with your AMD out
  25. yes i did consider the battery, I thought the same, "maybe the battery is not keeping the CMOS settings when it gets saved", no thst wasnt it, trust me i debugged the thing methodically to no avail.

    This chaper is closed for me, I respect you alls opinions in favor, I respect you alls opinions against, but I do not share them, the bottom of the barrel is I did an honest evaluation of the problem, and my personal conclusions stand, thats it!
  26. I still suspect the memory. Infineon makes good chips, but who put them on the module? Besides, nobody is perfect. I know nothing of Asus support because I have never had a faulty product from them. Sorry about your luck!

    Cast not thine pearls before the swine
  27. Hehe, that is really strange that "certified" guy cant figure out that sometimes (I mean sometimes) there are defected parts which are coming from the factory (ya know, road, transportation, "weird" guys that throwing stuff around in the cargo, whareva), and probably you got one of those things on your hands: either CPU or either Mobo or else (I might guess it is a mobo though), I had the same thing with Abit and Asus boards, just replaced them and now they are singing as they intended to.

    So, what is a big deal to replace it and "try again"? heh
    Anyway, you are da "man", you know what to say, so enjoy.

    Post, we'll do the "search"... :wink:
  28. Hey crash - I just noticed you crossed over into that "higher titles will be revealed when they have been reached by a user" realm. Whats that, 4000 posts? Anyway, congrats. Keep 'em comin.

    <i>It's always the one thing you never suspected.</i>
  29. This is a copy of the last email I got BACK from Asus support: Look at the timestamps, took 2 days. I don't know who you mailed Hatch, but it obviously wasn't Asus. Swap your components with known working ones to find the faulty one. You should have PLENTY of parts being the professional system builder you are.

    Dear Customer

    Please supply your contact information to us. We will send you a new fan to replace. Please return the defective fan after you receive new one


    ASUSTeK Computer Inc.

    Web site :
    Ftp site :
    KBase :
    NetQ :

    "Chris Adamo" <> ?ï›?‰——XŒ? news:5CFAD01E3354D5119FCB00E01800215514B181@CSCNEWS...
    The fan on the northbridge of my a7m266 is making noise, what do I do??

    Chris Adamo Software Engineer
    (973) 443-7575 Hewlett Packard Company Florham Park, NJ 07932

    Again, sent Monday, got a response Wednesday. I would LOVE to see intel respond quicker than that!!!!
  30. Look, this discussion is academic, you are not going to convince me, and I am not going to convince you, I wanted to vent out my frustration and my anger at being duped in the manner I advicate, I got my satisfaction, to a point, so lets just go our own merry way, pretty?
  31. Sorry you didn't have a positive experience with Asus.

    -MP Jesse

    "Signatures Still Suck"
  32. Tell you what, buy another Asus board. If it doesn't work either then we would have narrowed down the reasons:
    A)You are a moron, No matter how hard you make us think you know better.
    B)Asus are as bad as you say, and all the people here who praise Asus are idiots.
    C)You've got one hell of a bad luck with another defective MoBo. Just don't be a moron like the last time and not get it replaced.

    Now go your own (merry) way whiner. And don't come back with these (******) posts again if there is no point behind them.

    If you can't read this, it's time you wiped your screen.
  33. I dont have to convince you sir, I know my skills, and I know my limits, as for your suggestion, its simple horse sense for me not to sink even a single thought into buying another Asus, that would really be masochism...
  34. Why don't you exchange the board for another? Asus only gets one chance in your book? In all your years of experience building systems, NO OTHER compononent gave you problems? I find that hard to believe as well.

    You can't possibly come to the boards and post such negativity about Asus and and not expect to recieve feedback. There are other more civilized ways to ask for help, read the other posts of people who have problems.
  35. Asus may very well have a quality control problem, but I don't think that is the case. I've heard from the local shop owners that they refuse to sell machines with Asus boards because of lost money fixing returned computers. Asus and Abit are makers of performance/overclocking motherboards. Every board I buy from either company never works right the first run. These boards take a little setting up that you might not be used to building systems based on intel boards, granted you have a certificate degree, but they don't teach OC'n. Oh, do you put your experience with Nintendo on your resumes? I've built around 100 machines myself. I don't build machines with Abit/Asus boards for anyone but myself. I don't have the time to set them up and fix em if there's problems.

    Your Signature Sucks
  36. You couldnt have put it better, I would never assemble a computer like this for a customer, it is designed for the die hard nut who wants to see what if...

    That would be commercial suicide to sell a system with those components.
  37. After reading all these posts, I'm still wonderin' why you are arguing. Man, ASUS would have never reached such a reputation as a reliable mobo manufacturer if they were selling crap. As your formation should have learned you, technology ain't perfect and, as you said, everybody makes mistakes and that includes ASUS. I suggest sending the mobo back to the retailer.

    Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear, Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair...
  38. <b>You may seriously disagree with me, but you may not seriously doubt me.</b>
    Why not after you said this? >><font color=red>ASUS makes a fraud of a product, and like the peddlers of the 1800's stands on a soap box</font color=red><<
    and I have used several <font color=blue>ASUS</font color=blue> mobos <b>'work right out of the box'</b>.

    :smile: Good or Bad have no meaning at all, depends on what your point of view is.
  39. I wish it were that easy mate, I am currently living in South America, the vendor will not take it back, thats standard here btw, so essentially im out US$175.00, I have no way to send it to a testing facility to ascertain beyond a shadow of a doubt if the board is faulty, must be, all the other components i had on it are working fine on the Intel board I had to buy to replace it, so that settles that.

    I must be forthright and magnanimous about this, and I must extend a blanket apology to and ASUS as well, I simply oversaw the possibility of a faulty mobo, but i guess this is one of those times where Murphy's law took control of a situation and made it spiral into an uncontrollable urge to stab repeatedly with a poison pen fueled by the consumed act of monetary loss.

  40. cool. better luck next time.....

    ignore everything i say
  41. Quote:
    I dont have to convince you sir, I know my skills, and I know my limits, as for your suggestion, its simple horse sense for me not to sink even a single thought into buying another Asus, that would really be masochism...

    You seem much nicer now that you've settled down. Better luck next time. Sorry about your 175$.

    If you can't read this, it's time you wiped your screen.
  42. This tread must be a record of views vs posts.
    Just shows what will happen when you use a post title like that.

    The British Tabloid Press would love you Hatch.

    "Now drop your weapons or I'll kill him with this deadly jelly baby." :wink:
  43. Asus support does suck. It's borderline non-existant. They make some excellent products but if you do encounter a problem with them, your better off getting support from their users. I'll give an example of how they screwed up big time:

    I purchased a GeForce256 DDR from them. Later on I checked their websight for a driver update and noticed they had a Bios update as well. Like most asus owners out there I jumped on the new Bios. I flashed my card and got some type of error. There was no option to save your old Bios nor was there a Readme provided. When I restarted my system, the card was dead.

    I thought that I screwed it up until I went to their websight. There were several people on their boards complaining of the same thing and asking for a fix. I sent three emails and never recieved a response. Asus never posted a fix or a new bios for the card. Eventually what I ended up trying was placing a PCI card in and selecting a Deluxe version Bios flash. Funny how that actually worked.

    Here is some copies from their weboards:
    Alex - Once again i try to reach you for an answar on my question about, how i can get my old bios back.

    In the movment i use beta bios V2.10.02.04a sba and i'm still not happy about this bios, can i get the old bios back ( the standard that came with the card )

    Is it possible or am i struck with the beta bios ???
    Asus:pls download the released vga bios of your model from the following URL:
    Aa: I also downloaded the new beta bios, and with it loaded, my computer does not boot. When i start it, the monitor is not receiving any data, and it shuts down after a few minutes. I cannot diagnose the problem because I cannot see what's happening, and I can't load the old bios, again because i can't see what's going on.
    Robert: I have also problems with the V6800 pure bios... When i flashed to the newst bios on the BETA downloadpage the V6800 was totally dead!! I could fix it.... but my problem is now that there is only one bios available and thats the BAD beta bios...... i use now a Nvidia bios, it work good.. but as good as the original bios...

    If someone wants the Nvidia bios, or someone has the original bios... you can mail me to:
    Pettytheft: Okay they are not going to put the proper Bios on the websight. So here is how to fix your DDR pure card. I had the same dead card laying around for a month.
    First grab a old pci video card. Boot into windows with that card. Keep your DDR pure card in it's AGP slot. Then download the latest released version of the DDR deluxe Bios. It works perfectly fine. I cant explain it but I've been running it for a month now and I dont have any problems.

    Good luck
    These are just a few of the posts on this board for this issue. You can check it yout in the Asus forums.
    <A HREF="" target="_new">If you actually give a damn, you probably dont.</A>

    Blah, Blah Blahh, Blahh, blahh blah blahh, blah blah.
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