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I Got My ATI 6750 Just today and wanted to get the names of some good games i could play on it at 1280 x 1024 Resolution!
I already play COD: Black Ops, Dirt 3,AC 3 Etc... Anything Else Please?
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    As long as you have a quad-core CPU at a decent speed, you should be able to play any game out there at your rez. You won't be able to turn the graphics settings up to Ultra on intense games like Crysis 2 and Witcher 2, but medium to high settings with or without MSAA, you'll get at least 30fps average.
  2. The HD 6750 is just a re-badged HD 5750. You can look at performance benchmarks in the following review:
  3. I know its a rebadged 5750, but i had no other choice as 5750,5770 are no longer supplied and 6770 was out of stock! They gave me a 1 month wait on the 6770!
    Only the 6750 was available, so i got it!

    Just wanted To Know Which Games i could play decently!
    I am still on a core 2 duo E4500 Overclockd @ 3.0 Ghz!

    Core 2 Quad's arent available yet, have a 1 month wait on a Core 2 Quad Q8400, So will be gettin dat after 1 month! :)
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