No 100hz refresh rate on monitor

Can't get 100hz refresh rate on my monitor with windows 7 64bit.

I tried using a custom monitor driver I made with powerstrip, but it still won't allow it.

I'm using an ATI 5870 video card. even the ati control panel won't let me force a refresh rate higher then 60hz.

I really need a 100hz as I'm using a CRT, and I need 100hz for gaming.

Any help me greatly appreciated
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  1. You don't need 100Hz for gaming as 85 or 75 will be flicker-free. Have you had this monitor run at 100Hz before? I wouldn't be surprised if a refresh rate that high has been dropped in Windows 7 given that CRTs are old hat and TFTs don't go that high.
  2. the 100hz depends on your monitor rather then the PC. What monitor do you have?
  3. max refresh depends on the monitor

    anything over 75 is more than you can see. i do recommend setting to the highest you have available as it helps reduce eyestrain, but that is a long term effect not one that you can perceive at any point
  4. CRT's update at 30 fps anyway.....
  5. uh_no said:
    CRT's update at 30 fps anyway.....

    What a complete load of rubbish!
  6. WIn 7 supports rates over 100hz. I have a 120hz Samsung 2233 lcd panel and 3D glasses......:)
    Your ati drivers might not support higher refresh rates since they don't have 3D support.
    Only nvidia has that right now with a driver addin.
  7. uh_no said:
    CRT's update at 30 fps anyway.....

    would you be so kind as to explain why CRT's use 30fps? ? ?

    ATI has supported 120 for a long time I had a old crt running at 120 for several years using ati, sadly i dropped that monitor one day and it turns out crt's don't work with a big crack in the screen.
  8. 505090 said:
    would you be so kind as to explain why CRT's use 30fps? ? ?
    I'd wager he's referring to NTSC, but even that paints 60 fields per second (odd, then even scan lines) so that one complete frame is drawn in 1/30 of a second.

    All computer monitors for the last couple of decades have used progressive scanning which has nothing to do with the NTSC standard.
  9. your probably right, though it doesn't have much relevance in this thread
  10. If you're moniter supports it, then you just found a bug.

    And BTW, the reason you want such high refresh rates, is it results directly in the drawing of more frames per second to the screen.
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