Russian Space Program ... can't get it up !!

Gee they have had some failures in the last year ...

Russian satellite hits Siberia's 'Cosmonaut Street'
By Stuart Williams (AFP) – 5 hours ago

The loss of the Meridian satellite caps a disastrous 12 months for Russia that has already seen it lose three navigation satellites, an advanced military satellite, a telecommunications satellite, a probe for Mars as well as the Progress.
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  1. Maybe the Ruskies should be funding NASA here in the States.
  2. Guess I should get a refund for those Russian Viagra's that was given to me. If they can't get their own rockets up, what makes them think they can get mine? :lol:

    /bad joke.
  3. You Guys have NO objectivity. The Ruskies are keeping the space station Supplied AND taxing the astronouts too and from. Oh ye hoy many space shuttles and crew have NASA lost. The USSR knows how to do it right - even if it gets it wrong sometimes.
  4. Welcome comrade Mitch.

  5. At least we can agree that Australia fails hard in the space race.
  6. In Russia, you dont get to space, space gets to you
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