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how do you get all the mods you install off your pc? i tried installing quite a few following some guide a while back for morrowind and ended up making the game unplayable. like i couldnt walk through some grass that modders added. these were all rated highly and i got them off fileplanet and the elder scrolls page forgot the name of it. anyway i tried deleting them, the mod was stil there and then uninstalled and reinstalled still didnt work. its no big deal if i completely ruined this game but i was wanting to get some mods for fallout3 and im scared to even try
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  1. for fallout 3 when you install mods you have to have them check marked in the Data files (its when you click fallout 3, it says play, options,data files, etc) and if you don't want the mod any more uncheck mark it. another thing before you install a mod, backup the folders it overwrites.

    say it overwrites a folder called "locations" (This is made up) copy and paste that folder in the exact same place so its called "Locations-Copy" and if your fallout 3 or whatever game it is messes up because of that certain mod, you just delete "Locations" and rename "Locations-Copy" to "Locations"

    If this Sounds confusing just reply.
  2. no, i understand what your talking about. ill try it on a game i dont play anymore, and if i figure it out there ill try on fallout. thank you
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