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Just checking that as long as I have a monitor that has HDMI input, I can hook my PS3 up and play games... any recommendations on monitor "characteristics" for entry level PC gaming and doubling as a PS3 screen. I was thinking of getting a 21" or 22" monitor with my new rig. Was hoping to only spend $100 to $110.

LED or LCD make a difference in PS3 gaming?

Thanks everyone!
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  1. i don't know about ps3 for it is far too old to use -for me- I had a new pc last month and bought a 24'' viewsonic led 3d monitor which can use 121 hz frame rate. Now LCD is an old tech so forget it. It cannot not compete with LED's contrast ratio nor frame rate. but on the other side ps3 will not use all potential of LED.(another point i bought my monitor for 600$). So if you are going to use for ps3 and don't have a high budget buy a LCD but know this. LCD are going to be obsolete in 2 years.
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