Help me.

i built a house, and when i went to put the furniture, and stairs and everything in it, everything turned to the left, and wont face any other way.. how do i fix this ?
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  1. ^best answer
  2. jeremy1183 said:
    ^best answer

  3. FlintIronStagg said:

  4. He might actually be serious, but lacking any if he's playing a Sims game.
  5. Op just needs to post properly and give the description in the title and ask a specific question to get help
  6. Maybe he accidentally hit the screen rotate buttons? :P

    Honestly though OP, please put in as much detail as you can :)

  7. For a moment there, I actually thought he was shifting furniture in real life! I was like, this dude's built his own house, shifted n stuff and now his furniture is acting funny! Sorry, but couldn't resist!!

    Please give in more details....what game, computer specs, etc?
  8. Okay I confess I am royaly confused!
  9. If you're talking about 'The Sims' then just simply hold down your left mouse button and turn it in the direction you want it to face.

    That is, IF you are talking about The Sims game. If not, well your house has some paranormal activities. I'll call the exorcist.

    Seriously, OP, please elaborate your question. :)
  10. Help I sat in front of my PC and my keyboard is upside down.
  11. AtomicZ said:
    Help I sat in front of my PC and my keyboard is upside down.

    Put it right side up :lol:
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