Need with FPS problem

I have a gaming computer (not super high end) and it has some fps problems and i dont know why.

My rig is this: Running on windows 7

EVGA factory overclocked GTS 250 (with the latest drivers 275.33)
AMD Athlon II x4 640 quad core 3.0 Ghz
4gb DDR3 1333 memory
ASRock M3A770DE
Antec 620w psu

I dont know why i've been getting low fps in my games, I run in 1280 x 1024, and the games i play are left 4 dead, left 4 dead 2, team fortress 2, and counter strike source. I have a pretty decent gaming rig, and i dont know why i am only getting like 40 fps in tf2. If someone could help me out with this that would be great
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  1. 40 fps isnt horrible. have you played a console game recently? anyway your card is $99 buy another and your problem should be fixed. im sure on ebay you can get a used one for less than 60, just read feedback before
  2. well maybe it is time to buy a new graphic card and add some RAM. by the way you have not included it in the description so looking at your specs i say you have 32 bit OS, you should have 64-bit for a better gaming experience.
  3. I don't see much of a problem here. Your rig looks like it's performing more or less on target. Consider lowering the visual settings if you want to get a higher FPS.

    However I'll do my best to give you a few options and some info:

    Your CPU is alright.

    Your RAM is alright. You could go up to 8GB, but to take advantage of that you'd need a 64-bit version of Windows, and it's less pressing than some other upgrades.

    I think your graphics card is the thing you could do with upgrading most. Basically, the larger your screen, the more powerful graphics card(s) you need to get high FPS and maintain higher settings. Because your screen is quite small, you don't need to splash out too much. However this does mean that if you ever upgraded your screen to a larger size (which equates to a higher resolution) your FPS would go down, and you'd probably have to lower your settings considerably to maintain decent FPS.

    So you have two options:

    1 - If you plan to stay with your current monitor for the forseeable future, get a mid-level card, as much more would be a waste of money. I don't suggest you get anything more expensive than a GTX 560.

    2 - If you were planning, or want to upgrade your monitor, get a slightly more expensive graphics card so that not only will it handle well on your current monitor, but it also will be ready for the demands of a higher resolution monitor as and when you get it. Get the best you can afford.

    Use this article to compare graphics cards and decide which'll be best for you by comparison:,review-32225.html

    Remember to consider that a more powerful card generates more heat inside your system.


    If you're not willing to buy a new graphics card, then all I can suggest you do is:

    Check all your drivers are up to date.
    Run malware, virus and spyware scans.
    Defragment your drives.
    Lower your visual settings in games.

    But to be honest, your rig looks to be performing more or less as it should.

    Just a final thought:

    If you're running on stock cooling, don't even think about trying to overclock to increase your performance. You'll almost certainly damage your PC, possibly permanently.

    If your rig is bought from a company, remember to check when your warranty ends. If you're still covered by warranty, ask permission before you change any hardware in your rig, as their coverage is a safety net that not only did you pay for, but is also usually very useful if things go awry. If not, go ahead and change what you like, but don't expect them to help you much/at all if anything goes wrong.

    If you want to buy new components, try to steer clear of sites like Ebay, as there is a total mix of quality items on there, with some true bargains, but also some utter crap that will be a total waste of money, if if faulty could be negative addition to your computer. Buy from reputable website such as or - both of these companies are the ideal place to buy PC stuff from, even if they are a bit more expensive than Ebay.


    Hope that helps a bit,

    Best of luck,

  4. Your rig is good enough to play those games with all the eye candy turned on and at your native resolution. Did you experience these slowdowns before, or is it the first time. Also , have you defragmented your hard drive ?

    40 FPS is good, especially with TF2. Are you saying you should get better ?

    Your GPU, as well right now, is a bit outdated and may not give you tremendous performance in games. You should upgrade it, considering you meet the requirements for better ones.
  5. also dont use FSAA or if you must don't use any more than x4
    same for anisotropic filtering. x4 or x8 maximum... as your card is now pretty low end but not quite minimum spec for todays games, just don't expect more than 40 fps in new titles. older 1s should allow you 60+ your card is a 98gtx+ wich is no slouch on a 1280/1024 screen especially in games like tf2 which on your card should be giving around 60+ on max settings. my old 88gt would give me 90 fps in cod4 which is more demanding than tf2 so yeah i think your game settings may be to high and crippling your fps.
    the chances are your running to much fsaa
    turn it down or off and see what happens... also if you have hdr on and bloom enabled your gonna have problems as source doesnt like both options enabled.
  6. ^ That as well.
    AA and AF should be reduced. As close as it gets, you should put no AA or X2 AA maximum. And AF to X4 or X8 or none, but that depends on the games you play.
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