Frequent crash after changing video card.

Actually, I really have no idea which forum to post, Video Games or AMD Radeon.
So I have just recently bought a MSI's HD4670. It runs smooth and I was really satisfied.
But, the problem is, every time I play a video game, after like 15 minutes, the computer just hang, the black screen comes up, with the sound loop of the single sound that last came out of the speaker, and I have only one choice is to hold the power button for hot shutdown.
In fact, I have just tested with 2 games, CoD:MW2 and Iris Online, but it ONLY crashes for CoD.
I figured out that:
1. This is not the heat problem. I used cooling liquid and monitored the temperature all the time. It never goes beyond 85.
2. This is not the performance problem, since I tried maxing all the options out, and it runs smoothly at 55-60 fps in the most crowded game(16v16). After lowing all down(1024*768 AA off all textures medium) I still have this problem.
I really need help from you guys.
P/S If I posted in the wrong section, please help me move this thread where it is supposed to be. Thank you.
My specs:
Mainboard: MSI G31+
CPU: Pentium D 925
RAM: 2x1GB 800Mhz
VGA: MSI R4670-MD512
OS: Windows 7 build 7601
VGA Driver: Catalyst 11.6
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  1. Disable onboard sound in bios and try game.
  2. Thanks, I will definitely try that.
    Also, I would like to add that yesterday, I tried America's Army on medium at 1024*768, and it seems to take longer to crash. About over an hour.
  3. I really need help guys.
    I tried everything, even disabling the onboard audio, or video, but the crash doesn't seem to go away.
    Can it be a problem with Windows 7? Or can it be a problem with the GPU? Should I install windows XP back?
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