What do you need to install warcraft 3!!??

this is the story:
a few days ago i got a warcraft CD when i wanted to insatll it itwent fine with no problems,well at leatst to the midle the it froze for some time and it showed a massage it sed"error 0x00000015"i dont know what to do eny more,is it maybe becuze i have windows 7 and a DELL comp?plz help??
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  1. clean the disk real good, there is a problem with WoW disks, maybe a poor burn
  2. Try checking the cds for errors and if you can't install it,download it off a torrent,use your legit cd key for the game and update it to the latest version which doesn't do a cd check.It is completely legal I think since you pad for the key and you have a legit copy :)
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