Canon DR-2580C Scanner "You need a WIA driver"

Greets. Recent upgrade to W7 and am trying to get my Canon DR-2850C scanner working. Got and installed the driver package from Canon that supposedly works with W7. When I click the icon in the control panel I get a message that says "You need a WIA driver to use this device" and it invites me to install it from my mfr CD, which I don't have anymore and anyway was not compatible with W7. So what can I do?

Incidentally, Canon apparently doesn't want to be asked about this because I can't find any link for support for this product. The contact link on their site goes to "sales and general inquiries."

Anyone know where I can get a TWAIN driver for W7?

Forgot to add--there is another driver on the Canon site labeled "DR-2580C Job Tool Version 2.6 for Windows 2000 SP4, XP SP3, XP 64bit, Vista SP1 and Vista 64bit." That might have the TWAIN driver, but it doesn't say it's W7 compatible so I'm not sure whether to try it.
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  1. Go to device manager and try the update driver option, get Windows to search for updated driver, see if it can find one.
  2. It says "the best driver for your device is already installed."
  3. I experienced the same error message. After emailing customer support, this was their reply,

    "When scanning, you will need to use a scanning program such as CapturePerfect (included with the unit) or some other program that supports the industry standard TWAIN or ISIS interface(s). The WIA interface used by the Devices and Printers Scanner Wizard is not supported by the scanner driver, thus the Scanner Wizard does not connect with the scanner."

    I installed the W7 driver as well. Then I installed the CapturePerfect program as suggested, scanned a document, then closed CapturePerfect, went to another application and the scanner worked using the TWAIN driver installed as you suggested in your first post.
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