Athlon 1.4GHZ run as good as PIII-850/100MHZ?

Sister need's a computer for college, Parents are buying my 2 month old PIII-850 SLOT-1/ ABIT SH6 (i815) motherboard and CPU.

Yes this is a slot-1 PIII-850MHZ/100MHZ BUS on a i815 chipset.

My question:

I am going to replace this system with a ABIT KG7-RAID and Thunderbird 1.4GHZ. Right now I am a DIE-HARD HALF-LIFE PLAYER.

I am running Half-Life on my PIII-850 with 512MB of PC100 RAM and a G-FORCE-3. I am running Half-Life at its max supported res of 1280x960.

This is going to be my FIRST NON-INTEL system. Any suggestions? Will the 1.4GHZ Thunderbird run just as good as the PIII-850? I will be using 512MB of DDR RAM on the new setup.

I just hope I dont have any problems with the AMD 761 chipset, new G-FORCE-3 and my Ultra 160 SCSI CARD.

Right now I havthe best HALF-LIFE RIG ever, and I would NOT be upgrading, but like I said I am kinda forced into selling this PIII-850 to sister, and my parents are giving me $550 for the board/cpu/ram. I am giving my sister the case,monitor for free.

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  1. The Athlon 1.4 should "smoke" the p3.
    Make sure you get a decent motherboard to go with.

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  2. Quote:
    Make sure you get a decent motherboard to go with.

    Oh, I think the KG7-RAID should be decent enough. ;-)

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  3. I guess I missed the part where he said that.

    Sh!t Happens.
  4. ------------------------------------------------------------
    Oh, I think the KG7-RAID should be decent enough. ;-)

    great any benchmarks to go with that statement I've looking very hard for em.

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  5. your old system will be nothing but a memory.... black mesa will never be the same....
  6. COOL, I hope your right, I live FOR HALF-LIFE. Its thge best game ever.
  7. To begin with any 100MHz FSB PIII was a slow one.
    You'll probably be fine with the new system. I can't get VIA to agree with a lot of my cards, but I'm in a completely different situation than you. Using all modern cards greatly aleviates settup hassles with the VIA southbridge.

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  8. No, u should get a 1.3ghz P4 or 1ghz p3 instead of Athlon,
    especially if u want to run any programs besides Half-Life.
  9. Ignore KoD as he does nto know what he is talkign about.

    As a 1.4Ghz Athlon can out-pase a 1.7GHz P4 in almost every benchmark excpet for Quake3 Arena @ 640x480....When you get to 1024x768 (which most people play at) it levels off(equals across the board) and the even HIGHER resolutions are dominated by the Athlon. Half-Life is TOTALY ruled by the Athlon. A P4 cant even come close to an Athlon in Half-Life. Runnign reel world apps. like KoD said would also rule on Athlon over anything else, as we all know, the Athlon outpaces any P4 in Office apps, etc. Get into the rendering side of things and you'll see the Athlon score even HIGHER results. Believe me, If the Athlon T-Bird can outpace the PIII Clock for clock, and you'll be with a 1.4GHz'll see some drastic improvements.
    I say go for a board with the SiS735 chipset when it comes out, or if not, go for the MSI K7 Master or the ASUS A7M266 if you can find one.

    -MeTaL RoCkEr

    AMD = Always Making Dough... =)
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