Xbox PSU Problem-

Today some people were over at my house. We were all playing the xbox when suddenly the power supply started to make weird sounds. It sounded like it was slowing down or something. It has never made this much noise before, not any actually. It is a falcon 175 watt system.

I am thinking that it is going out. I will likely need a new one and will have to call Microsoft for a replacement.

What do you guys think?
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  1. The power supply is external (the gray brick) and shouldn't make any noise. Are you talking about the cooling fans out the back of the xbox? or the DVD drive (also makes a good amount of noise)?
    The cooling fans are thermal controlled so they will speed up and slow down based on how hot the internal system is.
  2. Well my system itself is not making any considerable noise. It is the "gray brick' that is making the noise. Like I said it has never made this much constant noise before. It is even super loud right when I turn on the system.

    It has never bothered me except in the past week. So yes I can barely hear the fan in the xbox and the cd drive, but this is not the problem.
  3. Is your machine still running fine? Does it only happen when you are playing a game or does it happen as well in the main menu dashboard?

    If you are looking for a replacement, depending on your warranty, it would probably just be cheaper to pick up one locally than try and deal with Microsoft. How long have you had your XBOX?
  4. It happens no matter what. I have had my xbox for a little over two years. I got it in spring 2009.

    I was already planning to get a new one. I did not really want to deal with Microsoft even though the prices are almost the same.

    Checked my xbox again. Surprisingly the sound was fine until about 5 minutes of playing. Every other time the noise started at dashboard.
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