Need help! crash while running crysis 2

i don't really know where the problem lies and cant find any similar situation in the forum so i'll just describe it here

i'm playing crysis 2, and is fine until the first time wearing suit. after wearing it, i walk around a bit, and when i open the door to outside the building(on the roof if i'm not mistaken), the computer crashed.

the crash starts with the no signal on monitor, and the sound is repeating every 3s, so if im walking be4 the crash the stepping sounds is repeated. then after 20s~ the sound goes wild(can't describe how it's wild, but just like m-m-m-m-m-monster kill without the onster kill, in higher frequency and sequence, very annoying). the fan is working, and pushing down the start button can turn it off.

i'm using HD4870, phenom II x4 965, 4sticks 2gb corsair, 550w enlight, HAF X case(decent air flow) and i forgot the mobo T_T, but i don't think its mobo problem.
i read somewhere about furbar, tested the graphic card, it caps at 97C and is still working(no crash), and i think 4870 is good enough for crysis 2, so i think the problem lies in the CPU, either it's overheating or simply failing, so i want to confirm the problem.
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  1. They only way to confirm the problem is to run Core Temp then open Crysis 2 and when it crashes, check the temp that was max in Core Temp.

    Until then it could be anything. It could be your PSU is not powerful enough, or your memory is bad. Or even the GPU.
  2. how can i check the temp if i crashed? is there any history?
    btw how high is the limit? just be4 the place where i usually crashed, i alttab and got the 61 degree on all core, then i go to the place where it crash, and it crash lol
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