Old games color is off?

Hey folks,

So for a bit of nostalgia I decided to DL an old computer game that I used to play as a kid; "Gangsters Organized Crime." Anyways everything downloaded fine, etc. minus when I actually try to play the game everything is visible but the coloring is so skewed that it's almost impossible to play the game. For instance, a screen that is supposed to be white shows up as blotchy green, etc.

Any ideas to what the problem may be? This game was released during Windows 98, if that helps.
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  1. Bump, btw for further information I downloaded from the actual game disc which has worked fine on all my computers up till now. Also I'm currently using windows 7.
  2. right click on icon. properties/compatibility/W98
  3. Worked perfectly for the coloring, thank you very much. Any idea why the cursor isn't showing up though? I can select things still but the actual cursor image dosen't appear on the screen.
  4. where can i download this game online?
  5. where can i download this game online?
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