Serious Problem- Windows7 will not boot at all

I am having a serious problem with my Windows7 Intel pentium Acer ASPIRE 5732z Laptop. It will
not boot into windows at all. When I turn on the computer on, the splash
screen comes up, and it does its usual 2 beeps, and then it displays the
screen with the various boot options. [safe mode, last known good config
etc.] I have tried them all, the same thing happens every time. The Windows
XP logo comes up and the its little blue loading bar cycles about 6 times
before it all disappears, flashes a message that is visible for about 1/10 of
a second, and then restarts. I used a camera to see what this message is, and
this is pretty much what it says:
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  1. probably memory but without knowing the kind of BIOS chip, it's hard to exactly say, hold the scroll lock key down at boot and see if you can see the error coce
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