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I've recently upgreaded my pc with vertex 2 ssd, 4gb of kingston ddr2 1066, and second hand Q6600. Im using default settings, and computer sometimes reboots while playing sc2, sometimes when watching movie... no bluescreen, or error of any type, it's just rebooting. I've tried to set different voltages for memory and cpu, and run them on different speeds, different slots (memory) aswell, but it didint help. So my question is if there is any log in windows which can tell me which of my devices is causing this.

It's not heating issue, I've run memtest with nps, chkdsk aswell, prime95 for many hours, 3dmarks over night and it was all fine - very weird.

It's happening on Abit IP35-E motherboard, on windows 7 64bit.

Give me some good tips :)
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  1. I would suspect the Video card or driver, Google your video card model and see if any known issues show up and check for latest drivers.
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