Crysis2 black screen

guys i have a problem with crysis 2 gameplay when i start gameplay the screen turns to black and my card starting heat up i put my fan speed to 100% but still heating and there is only sound in the back ground any solution for this problem?
my problem is same as in this video
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  1. the only time this has been an issue is which the pirate version of the game...
    toms doesnot condone piracey. if you want a working copy buy it.
  2. dude i have figured it out downloded the patch 1.9 install it and then downled the crack 1.9 paste and now i am playing it fine but i just play it for testing of my pc as i have a low spec pc pentium d and nvidia fx quadro 3500(256mb) my card start heating after playing more then 5mins in fan speed of 100% :-D
  3. We don't care whether or not this is for testing purposes. You just admitted to using a pirated version of the game. Nobody here is going to help you, and you in fact may even get into trouble with the mods now.
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