The witcher 3 ideas? where to post so red project will see??

ok guys i have some pretty good witcher 3 ideas but i have no clue where to post them so cd project will actually see them, most of my ideas are about the combat system. and i feel my ideas are good enough that if the makers dont see them theyre gonna be upset when they see them after the game comes out. so im not gonna post the ideas untill i get some comments, i dont want someone taking my ideas and using them. so give me some comments ill check everyday. and post ur own game ideas too if i ever did get a hold of the company somehow i would be sure to name u and give u credit for ur ideas and wont pass them off as my own. plzz comment!! also i have some good ideas for farcry 3 i know i know ur thinking terrible game, i agree but it had the right idea and failed to come to fruition it couldve been game of the year but someone made terrible decisions creating it!!! i couldnt say this enough

ps: i thoought the witcher 2 is a great game but combat is too easy and unrealistic, i want teh next game combat wise to be something more complex and smarter where more tactics come into play like sidestepping to the left or right to cut an angle on an opponent and find an opening, this is actually used in all martial arts and mostly boxing if any of u have watched a boxing match u know what i mean, no more rolling away from ur opponent thats highly unealistic , and it makes it unbalanced and too easy, and *** i dont want to have to do something in a game i wouldnt do in real life
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  1. The studios usually start off by watching what people post on their own forum. Go on the official game's website and it'll point you to their official forum. There you can post comments/feedback/bugs/ and well, ideas for their sequels.
  2. Equally, some companies offer online forms which you can fill out and send in to offer ideas. There is usually a frustratingly small character limit, but you can at least give some basic ideas through there if the company in question offers this feature (usually found on their website?)

    Good luck :)

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