Headset or software to isolate voice from speakers?

Hey everyone. I had posted this in the Home Audio board but I suppose that probably wasn't the best place to post it.

Before I start, I should say that I'm using my first custom build. It does not have a dedicated soundboard. I am running Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit.

Anyway, while I've been using my XBox 360 Wireless Adapter for my controller and headset, and it's worked okay. The headset, however, does not offer the kind of quality that I'd like, and I'd rather not have to keep repairing it to my 360 and PC whenever I switch what I'm using.

I recently used a corded Logitech ClearChat Headset that plugs into the audio jacks in the back of my computer (as opposed to a USB headset). The problem that I have found, is that apparently, I cannot isolate voice onto the headphones - the headphones pick up all of my PC's audio (perhaps this varies from program to program, as I think Skype or Vetrillo will just pick up voices through the headset).

Is there any way I can just hear voices through the headset, with the rest of the audio through my desktop speakers? Is there a USB headset out there that comes with software that can do this across all applications? What I want to do is just mute everything except for Steam in the headset. Apparently I am learning that this is not possible, at least not with my current headset?

If there is not a specific headset that can do this, is there any sort of generic software solution I can use? Perhaps something that can isolate the audio jacks to their own sound devices (can this even be done using software)? Is this something that I will need a dedicated sound card for (possibly plugging the headset into the sound card, with the speakers into the onboard audio)? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Please keep in mind that I don't want to spend a lot of money on this. If I can spend between $20-$50 that would be great.
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  1. as far as i know if you dont have a secondary output, like a dedicated sound card or usb headset you cant do it.
    if you have 1 or the other you need to set up the speakers as the default output and plug them into the onboard sound...
    go into audio and set this as the default audio out...
    now plug in your headset to either the usb or sound card (not the onboard sound)
    go into your voip app and select the usb or soundcard as the default input/output for the voip app...
    start your game and it should come out the speakers and your voip should come out of the headset.
    as you only want chat apps through your headset you can buy a cheap soundcard for $30 or so bux and it will allow this kind of setup...
    or you can jump in straight away with your usb dongle.
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