Computer hangs when I start some games

Hey guys,

I have a problem where I've been getting computer hangs when I try to start some games. So far I freeze on Battlefield Bad Company 2, Fable 3, and Third Age Total War (medieval 2 total war mod). When I click the shortcut or run the game from the file folder, the computer instantly hangs. Everything freezes and all I can do is hold the power button to manually shut it down and restart.

Other games like Witcher 2, medieval 2 kingdoms, mass effect 2 run fine.

My specs are
Intel core i5 2500k 3.3 Ghz
Asus P8P67 Motherboard (revision b3)
2x2gb vengeance RAM
Radeon HD 6800

Drivers are all updated and everything is stock (no OC).

If there are any diagnostic programs that would help, please let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Thank you for your time

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  1. sounds like a stability issue...
    do you have hpet enabled in bios? if not match it to your o.s..
    make sure your bios is running at stock. by loading optomized defaults...
    if your still hanging then run prime95, super pi 32m and crysis bench. use apps like realtemp and gpu-z to measure temps. while stressing to see if your system falls down due to temps...
    my guess is that its a ram issue if its not the high precision event timer being off or set wrong.
  2. Tried looking at the BIOS and since its an Asus motherboard, it has its own BIOS program (EFI BIOS). In the HPET section all I was allowed to do was enable or disable it. By default it was enabled and there was no option to match it to my OS. I disabled it to try but the games still hang so I enabled it again. BIOS was also at optimized defaults.

    On the temp side, I doubt its from that because I've played crysis 2 for hours and I've had no crashes from that (temps were around 70C). Furthermore, these are older games which really shouldn't stress my system that much...

    Its weird because its only those particular games that seem to have an issue. Eg. Medieval 2 total war works fine but the mod (Third Age) crashes.

    I guess the only thing left is to run memtest (which I've heard checks for RAM issues) and hope the issue is there.

    Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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