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I just bought a SSD drive which I am using for my primary drive. My secondary is a 1TB drive that has all of my data on it. The SSD drive only contains Windows 7 and a few programs (Firefox mainly). All of my system files only account for about 14 gigs of space, but hard drive says that I have taken up 24.4 gigs up. (12.7GB free of 37.1GB). I have disabled Search Indexing, disabled the previous hard drive versions,and have also created a batch file to delete my app data at start up. However, I continually seem to still be loosing space when I am saving all of my data on my secondary. Does anyone have any possible reasons for this?

Here is the space (size on disk) that each folder is using on my SSD drive:

Program Files (427MB)
Program Files (x86) (779MB)
Users (512MB)
Program Data (318MB)
Windows (12.5GB)

As you can see that accounts for about 14.5GB, something else on my computer (a service i'm guessing) is continually taking up more space, I just don't know what exactly.

Thanks for your time!
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  1. System restore and swap file would account for it, it's nothing to worry about.
    Windows updates and other changes will trigger another restore point, in the event an update goes pear shape, you can restore to a time prior to the change that caused it.
  2. Does the SSD drive have TRIM?
  3. also the hiberfil.sys file = RAM size.

    download windirstat and it'll show you everything.
  4. Yes it has TRIM, I'm on Windows 7.

    I'll take a look at that 13th, thanks!
  5. Also, do you have hibernate turned on? That will also eat up space based on how much memory you have installed. Also, as someone mentioned, system restore will eat up space every time you install more programs or update installed programs. So, turn that off as well.

    To turn off hibernate, open up a command window in admin mode. Then type the following:

    powercfg -h off

    You'll have to reboot after that. That should free up some more space as this will remove the hibernate file.
  6. TRIM?? What is TRIM?
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