New F1 game coming

Here, looks like there is a F1 2011 coming very soon and the graphics are awesome. Not happy because they removed Bahrain circuit of the game, because they wanted to make it look real, but we are gamers, right? I feel down because it was one of my favourite tracks,I hope they release it on a patch later on.


Some screenshots for Xbox360 here
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  1. F1 2010 was alright, its good as long as you like f1, but f1 2011 looks promising
  2. Yeahh!! Quite excited about this game, It looks significantly better than 2010 but the only thing im unsure about is that there is a new control system for the cars that is supposed to simplify the driving? I thought the entire game was a bit easy anyway.

    but more people for online races and bots replace people that drop out to finish the races so im hoping its good!

    Looking forward to racing for Lotus again :kaola:
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