Crysis 2 DX11, HD Texture pack (Video)

Well as I'm sure most people here know, Crysis 2 finally got updated to modern specs with DX11 and an optional HD Texture Pack. A lot of people may be wondering how it looks, or how it plays. It looks very nice, obviously. I don't think they're really pushing the DX11 capabilities, but still, it's nice. As for performance, it's roughly the same but slightly less GPU demanding than the original, but that might be thanks to optimizations made. It uses lots of RAM (~6GB) and CPU (~50-80% on my i5 750 quad core @ 4ghz), but the framerate is more stable than Crysis 1.

Anyway, onto the goodies. I recorded and uploaded a 16 minute video in 1080p of what is basically the first level. I have the intro as well, but this vid is where the action actually starts and it also shows off the graphics better.

I recommend watching it on YouTube in HD
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  1. Thanks wolf, I've been looking all over youtube for one. You're right, apart from water tesselations, DX11 wasn't really that good.

    ALSO, I see you're having that horrible flickering issue with CF.
  2. Flickering? I don't think so... I encoded the video at only 25fps so maybe that's what you're noticing, it's a bit jumpy at times. Next time I'll have to try setting it to encode at native FPS (I set recording at 50), I just wasn't sure if the file was going to end up way to big, what with it being 1080p and 16 minutes long lol.
  3. That explains it. I didn't read your description.
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