Crysis or no?

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  1. Well Crysis is DX10, so won't take full advantage of DX11 support which is one of Windows 7's primary features.

    Only go 64-bit if you're planning on having more RAM than 4GB. At 4GB or less, 64-bit is rendered useless - in fact some sources state that 32-bit will actually perform better under these conditions.

    Apparently, after doing some quick research (source: the patch 1.21 of Crysis allows Crysis to run on Windows 7 32-bit.

    I would never suggest basing your whole OS choice on one game. XP is dated, and whilst it's a stellar OS, it's just too old to justify choosing for the sake of one game, as you'll lose any hope of DX11, which is what most PC releases are using now.

    Better to go for Windows 7 in my opinion.

    Good luck :)

  2. Crysis 2 will work well on Windows 7. It has an official DX11 patch (which only Win7 supports) which increases performance significantly.

    8GB RAM? You're right then - you'll be wanting 64-bit.

    As for Crysis on 64-bit, there's talk of running it in compatibility mode for Vista (SP2) which should get it to work. However from there you'd need to run it in DX9 mode, as the DX10 mode has some performance issues with Win7 (terrible FPS). There may be a better way to do it, but this is the way I've heard of having the best success rate.

    As for partitioning your system, I honestly know little about it as I've never needed it. I can imagine it causing all sorts of complexities which you'd have to work around however, all for the sake of one game, which doesn't seem logical to me.

  3. I played through Crysis on Win 7 64 bit no problem. Well except for at the end because the game has some bad code and it has a memory leak which caused it to freeze and crash. However, just for that one part (it's the final boss battle) by enabling DX9 I was able to finish.

    But yeah, I've literally had 0 problems running games on Win 7 so I would just go for that.
  4. Crysis works fine for me on Windows 7 64 bit home edition. Finished both it and warhead multiple times. Had a couple of crashes in the zero G level in the first one but nothing reoccuring.
  5. I downloaded a crysis demo on windows 7 64bit and it ran fine.
  6. lulz... crysis runs perfectly well on windows 7. the only people that dont get it to work on 7 are pirates...
    i have win7 64 bit and it works fine for me. although it does install in (x86) and the exe is (x86)
  7. HEXiT said:
    lulz... crysis runs perfectly well on windows 7. the only people that dont get it to work on 7 are pirates...
    i have win7 64 bit and it works fine for me. although it does install in (x86) and the exe is (x86)

    This. Get Win 7 and play away.

    BTW....vanilla Crysis looks great, but there are a few mods that really take it up a notch.
  8. It is better to install both window 7 and XP as i am doing right now. If any game has any problem on win 7 then i play it on XP. XP will help you in running old games and window 7 will help in playing all the latest games with DX 11.
  9. HEXiT said:
    the only people that dont get it to work on 7 are pirates...

    Ohhh.... :P

    Haha actually I didn't try very hard, I just uninstalled when it refused to launch.

  10. junaid96 said:
    Hey thanks for all the replies :)
    HEXiT -> "although it does install in (x86) and the exe is (x86)"

    Does this mean you can only run the 32-bit version of Crysis?

    Yip as it is a 32bit game. I did see 64bit patch last night, I will give it a shot,....folk around here and other sites suggest it runs faster that way, guess is it is the opposite, messes up the game directory and trashes the fps

    MAXIMUM GAME,,..............pfffff
  11. Crysis (and Crysis Warhead and Mass Effect) all work fine on Windows Professional 7 x64 (i7 920, 6GB RAM, GTX260, 1080p). Just make sure you've applied the patches, and you may have to tell your antivirus software to ignore the program directory for the game. If you right-click the Crysis link in Windows, it'll give you an option for 64-bit, although ISTR it'll run in 64-bit mode of its own accord.

    Edit: it gives you the choice of DX9 or DX10, not 32/64-bit.
  12. Crysis ran fine on my 32 bit Windows 7 OS. That is, 'fine on Windows 7 32 bit'. Crysis does work on Windows 7, no doubt about it. You may want to install the latest patch though.

    You won't actually see a difference between a 64 bit and 32 bit OS, unless the program has been developed for a 64/32 bit OS specifically.
  13. The only real difference between an x86 and x64 program is of course how many bits it can address. AFAIK most games are made to run on 1.8gb or less RAM usage, but I know Crysis 2 is 64 bit because with the HD texture packs my system was using a little over 6gbs running it. I didn't check it's individual usage but it must have been around 4gb since my system usually uses 2gb on it's own.

    I'm quite sure original Crysis does have a 64 bit version but I don't know where to get it. I bought the game on Steam a while back and it was only 32 bit.
  14. get win 7, you should not hold back technology for 1 game. And Crysis runs great on Win 7
  15. The retail box version of Crysis has both 64 and 32 bit versions....
  16. I have Windows 7 64 bit, haven't had a single problem with Crysis.

    Now regarding Windows 7 64 bit vs 32 bit, i was very skeptical at first. I have heard a lot of horror stories regarding compatibility issues with 64 bit. I haven't had a single problem except for Xfire in game. I would definitely go with 64 bit.
    And by the way, after upgrading to 64 bit i got a 10 fps increase in Bad Company 2.
  17. why would you want xp to run crysis? that would take out the option of playing it in DX10.
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