Gta iv distance view problem on ati radeon 6770

My pc specs,

intel core i5 2500 3.3 Ghz
4gb ram ddr3
500 gb hard disk wd
ati radeon hd 6770
windows 7 32-bit

gta iv works fine on my pc but when i increase the distance view i.e 20 or above then buildings and other things come to their real state after some time. what is the main reason of this. there is no other problem, just the problem is that on increasing distance view, when i see around, the buildings are in the state when the distance view is 1 and they come to the distance view selected i.e 20 or above after some time.This process takes even less then a second but why is this so? is this my processor problem, 3d card problem, ram problem, frame rate problem, windows problem or any other problem. i have cod mw2 too and it works extremely fine on full high graphics. So please help me from getting out of this problem. i shall be thankful to you and also sorry for my english .
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  1. You should install the latest patches

    Good luck. :)

    I had heard of many of these similar problems and after installing the patch, the problem went away.
  2. i already have the latest patch i.e
  3. Tried rolling back to the previous patch ?
  4. i have installed windows 7 64 bit and the problem is almost 80-90% finished.
  5. As I said earlier, have you tried rolling back to the patch ?
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