MSI MS-6340M Memory Problems

I've assembled a PC from scratch that was needed to act as a temporary
File/Print(Windows 2000 Server -It will be used as an Exchange Server
at the local ISP later on, so memory will be a bit of an issue),
however it doesn't boot up with 2x256MB modules, and returns a
bluescreen error on startup, mentioning that the BIOS isn't ACPI
compatable, so I flashed the BIOS with the latest one from MSI, but
unfortunately this didn't turn up any better results(it works fine
when you switch back to a single 256MB Module). I suspect it might be
the cheap RAM, though there is no way to be sure, at least not without
experience, so if anyone else out there know's/experienced a similar
problem & solution, your help would be greatly appreciated.

Here are the PC specs:

MSI MS-6340M Motherboard
AMD Duron 800MHz
NOVA 256MB PC133 SDRAM(2 modules don't work)
Cheetah PCI EN1207D-TX/WOL 10/100Mb LAN card
Seagate U8 5400 17.2GB HDD (ATA/66 Mode)
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  1. Do both sticks work in single stick config? Meaning did you try either one singly?

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  2. if it works with 1 stick, then you can eliminate the acpi theory, sometimes errors can be very misleading... I would try one stick at a time, also in different slots and go from there, also, I've had it in the past where 2 sticks just WONT work together, but each one is fine on its own, doesnt happen often, but does happen.

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  3. Unfortunately I do not have access to the machine that is having difficulty with the DIMM's, but as to clear up a few things, this motherboard only supports 2 DIMM's, and I had 3 Identical(all Nova DIMMS, same size, speed, etc), There is the possibility that The Second DIMM slot is not functioning correctly, or not functioning correctly with this particular type of RAM, however I can't confirm anything without the actual machine to have a look at, So any help, or other suggestions that you might have would be appreciated, and hopefully, when I get the machine back I can resolve this problem, from what I've read. Thanks for your help though
  4. One other thing - some (not all) boards will support RAM in either slot. So another test (if your's does) would be to try a single stick on slot 2. Got to try to cover all permutations to come up with the best troubleshooting guess.

    Good luck.

    <i>It's always the one thing you never suspected.</i>
  5. Hi! I have the same motherboard and processor with a 20020MB Master hard drive and 80GB Slave taken from a failed computer. I have just performed a memory upgrade with A-DATA 512MB DIMM purchased from Maplins and can now play DVDs. Also have found data sheet for this motherboard which confirms that I can have two of these in my computer, no trouble.
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