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hello, today when i tried to play call of duty modern warfare 2, i had terrible lag problems (i tried single player and multiplayer) and ive never had problems with lag (i play the same game every day) so i dont know why this happened. my specs are :
Intel Core 2 duo E8400 @3,00 Ghz
4 Gb ddr2 RAM
64 bits windows 7 ultimate
XFX ATI radeon HD5670 ddr3
can it be a ram problem?
ive been playing the same game for ages and ive never had lag issues
please help!
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  1. Does the lag problem happens only on CODMW2? Have you tried checking for heat issue from your videocard? Heat issue can cause lag
  2. Your PC seems okay for MW2. As venjhammet asked, does this happen only when you're playing with MW2 ? Have you experienced this problem before ? Or is this the first time ? Download HWMonitor to check your temps.
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