Giga byte GA-7IXE4

Hey i am looking at that MB because i need the ISA slots. Has anyone used this MB. What is the fast's cpu i could put in it? what is the fast's i could overclock. Thanks for any help
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  1. If I were you, I would do a comparrison on this website under Tom`s Mainboard guide.
    Just compare similar M/B configurations, then go look at Tom`s Benchmarks for those M/B`s you chose.

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  2. You didn't think of checking Gigabyte's website for those details by any chance, did you ?

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  3. umm thanks i guess.of course i checked the gigabyte web site and everyone else's. I also check toms guide on it and toms says it can go up to 1ghz but gigabtye's say's it can easly go to 1.2 both seemed a bit dated, and i wonder if someone actually HAD one and has overclocked it. so thanks again for the help
  4. I've got this board, works great no problems at all. cpu support of 1 ghz athlon. just watch the agp slot, it only supports 2X.
  5. sorry forgot to add that this board does not support overclocking, at least giga-bytes easytuneIII.
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