So much MW2 lagg.

Ok so i joined a mw2 server more like 9 of them and i couldnt even move. Basically i cant play a match without being lagg killed or lagging period. Someone help me im typing this with anger so if i forget some info please remind me.
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  1. you didn't post any info... the only thing I know is you are trying to play mw2. my assumption is your computer sucks or your internet sucks.
  2. Let me guess, Virgin is your ISP..... Ooh or talktalk!
  3. Firstly provide us with your PC specs and the resolution at which you're gaming at. Next, tell us your internet connection speed and check if you're expeirencing some PINGS. Also, does MW 2 lag only on MP and not on SP ? Does this same problem happen with any other games ?
  4. Ok now, for one the lag is only on multiplayer and for two the PC specs are
    AMD Athlon II 640 Quad-Core processor (3.00ghz)
    Nvidia Geforce GT430 1028mb
    LAN 802.11b/g/n wireless card
    1TB HDD
  5. RAM?
    also go to this site and post result
  6. Does this lag on MP for MW2 only happen for that particular game, or for other games too ? As Foverosiv suggested, chekc your PINGS and broadband speed, then post back results.
  7. foverosiv said:
    also go to this site and post result

    wrong website.
    you need to be testing for jitter at this website:

    speed isnt as important as jitter.
    if you could play a video game on dialup with 250ms ping.. it would be smooth if the internet has no jitter.
    YES.. local servers have a high ping, and you cannot join a server from far away.

    but seriously..
    how much data does the video game send and receive?
    that is the final determining factor if you can use dial-up internet or if you need something faster.

    video game internet connections are uber pathetic as well as embarassing.

    i know what it is like to fire up call of duty and not be able to move.
    constantly getting shot or stabbed from somebody that isnt on your screen.
    that happens because people move too fast and the number of bullets it takes to kill a person is 2-3 instead of 5-6-7-8

    the lag on mw2 really isnt enough to vomit.. it is everything else, with the whole 2-3 bullets to kill and running way too fast.
    plus the whole thing with the animations ducking and dodging the bullets as quick as 30ms - 50ms
    lots of missing chunks and voids in the character movement as they go across the map.

    simply too many things all wrapped up into one 'gift' to guarantee a decrease in violence.
    with that said.. what entertainment is that?
    it isnt moral/humane entertainment.. it is actually quite the opposite.

    if you have never had the chance to really sit down and play some call of duty 4 or modern warfare 2 or black ops .. you havent come into contact with the most furious A.I. blended in with multiplayer.
    it happens all too often to pass it by as human.
    the movements arent fluid.. the reaction times are in the very low 100's
    and EVERYBODY plays that way.
    there is nobody paused because they have their hand in a bag of chips.
    there isnt anybody who is slow and confused.

    you cant walk right past somebody that doesnt see you and spare their life.

    but anyways..
    your CPU is much faster than mine.
    your graphics card is slow.. see:

    i have a slower processor with a gtx260 and i get a constant 88fps (except on the map estate or wasteland)
    your graphics card is only claiming 42fps
    i am hitting the frame per second limit at 88fps
    so i really dont know how much worse your graphics card is.
    i will assume you need to download fraps and have a look at the frames per second when your system lags.

    you can also go into the config file and turn on the lag-o-meter.
    when you lag, you can look at fraps to see if the frames per second are low.
    you can look at the lag-o-meter to see if the internet lagged.

    i think it is better to use your own internet lag monitor in the background.
    that way..
    if you lag during the game, you can look at your monitor and see YOUR internet connection.. not the server connection.
    nobody cares about the server connection or the other players connection because you cant do anything about it.
    if you worry about you and your connection.. then you will see if there is something you can do to fix it.
  8. thanks for the website correction, but whats with you and wall of texts?
    also, sometimes, it s better to spare someones life even if they don't see you ( especially when playing as recon/sniper)
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