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to whom ever might have an answer for my perticular problem. I have played CODWAW on this computer before, however after I install it and click on play, the mouse has a mind of it's own and will not cooperate with me. by this I mean when I try to move the mouse around, it will not go across the screen to the left. it will stay to the right and nowhere else. I can not get it to go to the start game area because it keeps pulling it'sself back to the right very strongly thus I cannot get the game to start and if I should after many attempts get it to start, it dose the same thing and move to the far right of the screen and nothing else. is there a solution to this problem?
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  1. Seems like one of the axis's of the mouse is screwed up! What mouse is this? If you have the drivers to the mouse, try reinstalling them.
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