Please help with Cd Burning Error


I back up data on a CD using a Sony Cd Writer and choose an option to Verify the data burned.

Lately I am getting an error message as follows and then I am not able to read the burned CD.

Sense:U3 ASL:II ASLQ:US(Command BE)


I use long file names unto 212 Characters on most of my files and folders and never had problems with it until now.

I am using Sonic CD writing Software that came with my Dell PC and Sony burner.

Can somebody please help as to what this error message means and how can I correct it?

Thank You.
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  1. Well try to update your burning software. Even though there might be a problem somewhere else. How many coasters do you get out of five tries usually. The burner could possess bad sectors. Check event viewer and see if it is reporting anything about the burner.
  2. Does that software come with something like DirectCD where you just drag and drop your files to the CD drive and it burns them?
    That technology so far is crap. If you're doing it that way, you might want to try differently.

    Now, if you're using the program to select files, then burn them.. you might want to try different media.

    Sony's CDs might be the first step, but Imation and TDK make some low cost, reliable CDs to burn to.

  3. Have to say, not a big fan of Sonic products (from experience). Would strongly recommend changing to Nero. Have you checked your burn log? Does it say anything about buffer error? If so, problem may be not sufficient RAM or too many applications running in background.
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