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I am not having the best performance in TF2 after i upgraded to a new computer. The fps seems fine, but whenever i enter a fight it drops really low and i dont know why. Is it the game or something wrong with my computer. Here is my rig

Athlon II x4 640 quadcore 3.0 ghz processor

4gb 1333 ddr3 ram in dual channel mode(or whatever its called)

EVGA factory overclocked GTS 450 (275.33 drivers)

Asrock M3A770DE motherboard

I dont know what the problem is, it is really bugging me, because my old dual core processor 2.8 ghz and gts 250 could run this game maxed out.
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  1. Could it not possibly be your internet connection instead of the PC itself? Also, what power supply are you running, and what is your recorded temps on the game?
  2. Yea I agree with Toxxy :)

    You could just be experiencing "lag", which is connection related.

    Heat throttling could be a likely cause if the issue actually is FPS drops.

    Weak/failing PSU is another possibility.

    I'd like to add we had a similar issue last week, where performance dropped seemingly unexplainably in Online games - turned out to be heat related :)

  3. I'd guess if it was heat related he'd not only notice a performance drop in action scenes but also in changing worlds, i.e. exiting a tunnel or entering a place with high detail. He'd also most probably notice artefacts on the sky, floor or walls of the maps. It's not impossible though, I'm guessing either internet connection or power supply issue.

    On a very unlikely hint - it can actually be a faulty GPU.
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