I've never had a problem with this before and it's really frustrating because it makes the games unplayable.
I'll be in a server and be steadily playing for about 2 minutes and then my fps crashes all the way down to 9 FPS when it usually bounces from 80-200 it usually lasts about 30secs to a minute then goes back to normal for about 2 minutes and the cycle repeats itself.. PLEASE HELP!!!!
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  1. Sounds like heat throttling to me. Either due to age (dust building up) or a sudden change in settings, components can fall victim to their own heat generation and lower their performance to reduce this heat output, causing a noticeable drop in performance. The fact that your performances increases after about 2 mins seems right enough - by this time your components have had time to cool down just enough to begin performing at 100% again, but then after another minute of this they have to throttle themselves again.

    However you should check that all your drivers are up to date and your games are fully patched.

    Download HW Monitor and tell us what temperatures you CPU and GPU reach during gaming so that we can be certain whether this is heat related :)

    Good luck!

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