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Games Crashing system

I am running an E6750 2.6ghz / 4 gigs Gskill ddr2 800 / XFXGeforce 8800GT / soundblaster Audigy on XPpro.
I haven't been playing PC games for a while my wife has been doing her school work on my setup. Recently I bought Dragon Age Origins Ultimate (steam) and downloaded Global Agenda Free Agent (steam) and have been having all kinds of problems with system freezing. No BSOD just game freezes and locks pc. I thought maybe it was a heat issue but temps on cpu are low. After lock ups on GA I decided to update to newest Nvidia drivers(clean install) Everything was working I had almost finished the training missions in Global Agent but had to exit out. I went back on to play several days later and again "freeze" :fou: So I tried to load up Dragon Age and it froze on Character screen. I also have Torchlight which I tried to play last night and after several minutes examining my inventory it froze too. Anyone have any ideas? These are steam games. I believe Counterstrike worked fine last time I played it. The only non steam games I have installed right now are Starcraft2 which runs on lower settings with affinity trick (haven't played in a month or so and Tribes 2 which runs fine on all high settings but it's an old game. Not sure if this a software problem or a hardware issue? I know the 8800GT used to be a kick-Azz card. But am considering a replacement.
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  1. Right clcik a game you are having problems with and select properties. Go to the area where you can verify integrity of game cache and see if it helps.
  2. post back if the non-steam games are working, if that's the case it might be steam, I don't see anything wrong with your hardware that will prevent you from running those games. Have you tried re-seating the video card? memory?

    @us11csalyer, not sure what you meant by that post but the games he has are legit, even Tribes 2 which is now a free game.

    If you're going to upgrade you're CPU is old as well and you as well get a new system but if ca$h is low get Win7 64bit and $100 video card.
  3. IDK what he means by piratebay all my stuff is legit I even have the original disc for Tribes2 but it's all scratched up. Anyway I was thinking of re-seating the heatsink on the video card. I saw a video of someone with a 8800gt and he had to replace all the pads and ceramic paste on the gpu. As far as upgrading I was trying to squeeze some more time out of this rig. Can't afford a major upgrade till the end of the year. I have an aftermarket cooler for the cpu and I know it will do 3.2ghz pretty easy. One of the cheaper upgrades I was planning on doing was win7 64bit. What do you think of this Video card? ->
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    I feel like this should be heat related.

    What heat guage software are you using? A reliable heat monitor is HW Monitor - try that :)

    However you should also check that your drivers are all up to date.

    Furthermore the rest of the suggestions here seem pretty insightful - dust is a likely possibility (make sure you don't break warranty, and ensure you ground yourself before you touch anything, and use compressed air, NOT a hoover :) )

    As Jg suggested, you should also try games that aren't linked to Steam.

  5. If dust is a genuine problem for you, I heard someone used a HEPA Air Filter in their gaming room next to their rig, which apparently stopped dust almost completely. Something to consider :)

  6. Dust has been an issue and I will filter the intakes. I have cleaned out with canned air (as much as I can get) but cannot remove the metal shroud encasing the fins and fan! I didn't want to remove the entire assembly without replacement ceramic paste and thermal pads. I have to reinstall some other games and try them as the only nonsteam games I have running are starcraft 2 and tribes2. Later today I will remove the vid card and ram and reseat. I have been using realtemp and right now at idle its 55c cpu is 45c. I need to setup a log to see what happens when games crash.
  7. Yes, you should do that. Does the non-steam games freeze like the rest ? SC2 and Tribes 2 I mean. If not, this might be your GPU overheating. Check the temperatures for your GPU.( you've already posted the temps of the CPU and it seems okay). Download 'WhoCrashed' ( its a 3rd party tool ). You can check on what might have caused the game to crash.

    ALSO: If you're thinking of upgrading, then state you're budget and also your PSU.
  8. OK update..
    I loaded up real temp and monitored while playing sc2.
    Gpu went to 65c not bad. Cpu was 52c. The game stuttered once where it paused for about 3-4 seconds and was playing a sound fx loop. Other than that it went flawlessly (whooped AI). I've been messing around with tribes 2 off and on and everythings maxed so I do believe it's a steam thing. I did the whole verify integrity thing for Dragon age and Global Agent. It took a while but they were both verified. I will test them out when I get home tonight. Damm I hope I don't have to re-install steam. I got 65gigs or so of games. :fou: :fou: :fou:
  9. Update** Loaded Prime95 and tested processor and ram everything passed for 12+hrs. Loaded up Furmark and ran benchmark.. ran through and rig froze on results screen. Tried again on regular test and when gpu hits 75c it freezes. I know it should handle higher temps but 75c seems to be the magic number as it keeps freezing system at 75c.
    So hit it with Rivatuner and cranked fan to 100% passed all benchmarks at natural monitor resolution of 1440 x 900 natural. Getting a new vid card and upgrading soon to win 7. I am going to remove heatsinks and replace thermal pads on 8800gt and new ceramic paste will use it in another non gaming pc.
  10. Replaced 8800gt with Radeon HD6870. No more problems. The steam games were newer so those were the ones crashing the card. Closer to end of year I will be upgrading CPU/MB/Ram. DDR2-800 is too slow.
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