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Hi All

Im having a strange problem with all of my games. When I move the mouse I get a slight stutter or judder in games. This doesnt happen when using WASD keys or XBOX 360 joypad. I do however get randon pauses. Ive tried changing my hardware and installing windows xp and windows 7. Im at a complete loss on what to try next. Ive got a feeling its something simple but cant put my finger on it. Any help would be appreciated. Thankyou

my specs ATI 5770, cpu AMD 9850. 4gb ddr2 ram. 500gb sata hard drive

Heres a link to explain exactly the problem Im getting
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  1. Hi there :) Please follow these preliminary steps:

    1 - Check that all your drivers are up-to-date. Check that your games are patched fully.

    2 - Run spyware, virus and malware scans.

    3 - Defragment your HDDs.

    4 - Download HW Monitor and tell us what temperatures your GPU and CPU reach whilst gaming.


    These are pretty simple steps I advise to anyone having any issues with their PC.

    Just looking at your problem I think the most likely cause is heat throttling/heat damage. A cheap MoBo won't do you any favours, and £35 isn't an ideal quality MoBo for gaming :)

    However until we see your temperatures we can't say anything for sure.

    Sorry to hear you're having problems,

    Good luck,

  2. I agree they are simple steps. These are the first things I tried before trying different hardware
  3. I havent spent £35 on my motherboard lol...That was somebody else with the exact same problem
  4. Ahh apologies.

    Either way, were your temperatures ok?

  5. it would help if you could crate a youtube of the problem.
    microstutter is usualy associated with sli or xfire rigs. if it happens on a single card setup you need to look at the render ahead limit in on the nvidia panel i dunno where it is for the cccpannel.
  6. Yes Nihhilis the temps are all good. I dont think Ive ever seen anything like a render ahead limit in ati ccc. There is a link on my first post showing a youtube vid of the problem
  7. Thankyou for your replies guys
  8. wow that is microstutter. and is normaly associated with xfire and sli... its the first time i have seen it on a single card setup. have you tried underclocking the cpu to see if it gets worse? or overclocking it to see if it gets better? also make sure the ram is set at the rite jdec/spd.
  9. Yes Ive tried underclocking and overclocking cpu. Even tried different cpus. Sorry you lost me on checking the ram jdec?
  10. Ive checked all my ram timings. Everything is running as it should be
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