Fallout 3 installation problems

I have recently purchased a copy of Fallout 3 for my laptop. Unfortunetly I am having some installation problems. -_- Since I need to upgrade the game to the 1.6 patch before I can install it some problems arrise... now the problem starts off with the patch. It will load to 13% overall and then it will jump to 100% and the window will close and nothing will happen. When I go to try and find Fallout 3 in the start menu it is not there.... so I was wondering if other people have hasd this problem and/or how can I fix it? I am using windows and i have a lagit cd of it. oh yah, and if the search for fallout 3 in my libraries and i click on the patch to down load, it will acually load overall but the window will close at 100% and nothong will happen...odd.
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  1. Have you cleaned your registry ? After installing the game, can't you play it ?
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