A7A266 Nearly Perfect!

I have been keeping track. I have answered a few questions. Two guys need to update their BIOS. One needed to update his AGP driver. One needed a larger power supply. These so called "problems" are not due to the chipset, proving that the ALi MAGiK 1 is the most stable, compatable chipset you can get right now for your Athlon. So VIA supporters, when somebody ask about the A7A266, quit telling them all the garbage your spewing, you know I'm right!

Cast not thine pearls before the swine
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  1. okay.

    i won't B.S. anyone anymore.

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  2. The culprit of many Asus A7A266 problems is it's DDR ram scheme. My System WILL NOT RUN with two DDR sticks, and is very unstable with one. The system runs great with PC133. This is a MAJOR flaw with this board, and all Asus has to say about it is 'update the BIOS'. Well my friends, a bios update later and still major problems with DDR ram.
  3. hmmmm, i'm intending to get a new system, either another k7 master mobo (which i already had 1) or perhaps the aza266...
    i'll be using them with ddr though, and i can't decide which to buy...
    and now, having heard that the aza is not very compatible with ddr, i changed my mind...
    i'll also be OC my system, so is the ddr problem with the aza true???

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  4. Since reviewers have not had this problem, I can only assume that 1.) some motherboards are defective (this happens with all manufacturers, get a replacement), or 2.) they are fussy about what kind of DDR they use.

    Cast not thine pearls before the swine
  5. I have recently put together a system using the same mother board and had no trouble at all. My system:

    256 DDR crucial
    40 Gig Maxtor Hdd
    GeForce2 Ultra
    Teac 12X10X32 CD-RW

    Install was very easy and really quite painless aside from the usuall updating drivers and such. Also flashed main board Bios to latest version 1.04 system running very stable for over a month now.

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  6. The only problem I had with my A7A was with the kind of memory I was using. Other than that I agree with Crashman that the Ali chipset on the A7A is very stable. And so far I have no complaints about my A7A.
  7. Hey, I'm the guy that needed to update the AGP driver! I agree with Crashman: So far the problems with my A7A have all been user related! :lol:

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  8. I've just seen this board, read the customer reviews they had on it on newegg. This thing looks even more amazing. It's EPOX EP-8K7A with amd 760.

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  9. Each one of them rated the MoBo 5 stars and worked "flawlessly" for him from the first boot. I'll look for Tom's review on this thing now.

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  10. i agree. i am buying a A7A266

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  11. Sorry. I was actually talking about the EpoX EP-8K7A. I've never seen a product talked about so favourably like that. I couldn't find the EpoX review on Tomshardware.

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  12. Where did you find your reviews sihs?
  13. <A HREF="http://www.newegg.com/app/CustratingReview.asp?item=13-123-141" target="_new">http://www.newegg.com/app/CustratingReview.asp?item=13-123-141</A>
    Neither the A7V, A7A nor the A7M got such a high user rating.

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