Finished Black Ops. Need New Game.. Suggestions?

Hey Guys.. i finished black ops and i am looking for a new game to play! I like sandbox,FPS,adventure And racing games! My PC Specs are in my signature!
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  1. BFBC2
    F1 2010
    Just Cause 2
    COD MW2 ( i.e if you've already played it )
    Mass Effect 2 ( if you're interested in RPGs )

  2. just kidding, perhaps Garry's Mod? its everything you'd ever want. even includes playing by programming!
  3. Woah, that's racism.
  4. I don't see any racism in that picture if you are saying that to me
  5. only the racist can percieve another's racism. Anyway, If you haven't tried fallout 3, than your missing out, it's $20 bucks on steam.
  6. foverosiv said:
    I don't see any racism in that picture if you are saying that to me

    "Black Cops"...
    Sorry if it's me the one being a bit too overboard, it's just that, I don't like things like these showing up.

    Back to topic. Yeah, I guess Fallout 3 is good choice too, that is, if the OP likes RPGs.
  7. Does Seem A Bit Racist To Me "Black Cops"...
    Anyways.. Goin To Start with BFBC2 And Fallout 3! Thnx Guys..
  8. Your welcome. Don't forget ME2 ( Mass Effect 2 ) as well.
  9. try the first mass effect first, when you beat it, you can move your character and all his/her choices over with you.

    It is only racist if there a predetermined assumption about the said cop who happens to be black. As long as there is an identical game for each race (e.g: carl blart on duty, minority cops) there is no real problem.
  10. Well It isnt too Racist or anything.. It Was fun all the same.. :) .. Not a big issue at all!
  11. Agreed.
  12. Not racist at all....

    FO3 is a good choice, you can have a lot of fun and sink a lot of hours into that game. I prefer it over mass effect.
  13. FO3 is an awesome choice! The GOTY is $30 on steam (like 6 DLCs)
  14. ok, The Game cover is genius! Fallout 3 fo sho with DLC.
    And it would have to be derogatory towards the said nationality/race to be racist. All that was is a play on words
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