Should I disable anti-virus program before starting games?

Does it make a performance difference?
I tried benchmarks:
Counter-Strike: Source - Anti Virus ON: 271 FPS - Anti Virus OFF: 270 FPS
MSI Kombustor - Anti Virus ON: 37 FPS - Anti Virus OFF: 37 FPS

It didn't affect performance in the benchmarks, but games probably don't work the same way as benchmarks. Is it a good idea to disable Microsoft Security Essentials before starting my games (singleplayer)? Would it give me any performance increase?

I'm using: Windows 7 64-bit, Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.8 GHz, 4 GB RAM DDR2, GeForce GTX 460 SE 1 GB
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  1. I don't see why it would, what gave you such an idea?
  2. Well, anti virus programs scan files in use (real-time protection) and that probably requires some resources.
  3. the resources it takes is so small, it shouldn't matter unless your processing is done by a hamster.
  4. Even with real-time protection running and scanning currently running files?
  5. look, Anti-Viruses are designed so that they can work in the background and uses minimum resources so that even if you have a crappy laptop made in 1997, you can still be able to use it and yar-har-fiddle-dee-dee your favorate albums and movies online. they run through only a few mb per second when nothing is newly written, not taking your whole hard drive and shove it down your CPU's throat.
  6. So it shouldn't make any impact on performance, right?
  7. If your computer is fast enough then you will not notice any appreciable decrease in performance unless you are doing a full system scan while playing games.

    You should have no issue with your CPU.
  8. Unless it's a Norton 360, I don't see the reason on why you should disable it to get better performance. Other or today's antivirus programs doesn't use much of the resources and still provide good results on scanning. And to answer your latest question, no, it won't have a huge impact on performance. ( i.e , if your doing a full system scan, then you'd notice a decrease in your performance ).
  9. also, there might be a decrease or unplayability if your anti-virus is blocking the game in multiplayer.
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