how to intall two operating systems

i really need to have both windows 98 and windows 2000 running on my new system.
can anyone tell me how to install two OSes? or any place where i can find info?

any help would be cool thanks
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  1. it couldnt be easier with 98 and 2000. first, install 98 (or leave it installed), then install 2000. win 2k will automatically install ntloader which will give you the option upon boot to choose between 'windows' and 'windows 200', if you put them both on the same partition you have to use FAT32 (not great for win 2k). i recommend creating two small partitions (2-3 gb) for each of the operating systems (remember that 98 must be installed first) and another partition for the rest of your programs.....

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  2. thnak you so so much.. I LOVE THIS COMMUNITY
  3. oh, one other thing......when installing win 2k it will ask you if you want to upgrade from 98. choose no, install a fresh copy. if you choose upgrade it will not be a dual-boot system. figured you'd get that anyway, but couldnt hurt to remind ya.....also, dont forget to direct it to the correct partition. have fun with your dual-boot system.

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  4. I have 3 partitions on my 15gb a 7gb for winME 3gb for my files and 5gb for win2k. My win2k partion is NTFS. I wanted that partition to be secure.

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  5. So ya want 98 and 2000 on a dual boot system. This is how you do it. Either you need partition magic, or use FDISK to create 2 partitions on your harddrive. You can also do it with multiple harddrives. So first make 2 partitions. then install windows 98 on the first patrtition (C:). Then install 2000 on the 2nd partition (D:). Windows 2000 will make a boot selection screen so you can select to boot to either windows 2000 or windows 98. Good luck, and lemme know if you have any problems.
  6. man...sorry guys but something went wrong

    now when i try rebooting it says bios update error

    cpuid not loaded ...

    this is giving me a BIG headache.

    do i have to restore my bios?
    if so how do i do it?
  7. Try clearing CMOS first before you flash.

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  8. bios update error? were you trying to flash your bios? how did the installation go?

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