ABIT KT7 Raid??

I am thinking about getting the KT7 raid and was wondering if this mobo is good. I can get it pretty cheap at a local store's clearance. Has anyone had any trouble with this board or been pleased with it?? I'll have a 1.1ghz t-bird in it and a TaiSol hs/f in it.

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  1. If you choose Abit, at least get KT7<b><font color=red>A</b></font color=red> series. It supports FSB of 133MHz when KT7 only has 100FSB.
    BTW, I used KT7-RAID before and it's very good.

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  2. Go with A series, unless the bargain-bin price is just so outlandishly good. I also have KT7-RAID and it's outstanding. No sense for me to upgrade to A series, I'll wait another year before getting a new mobo.

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  3. The Raid kt7 is a good board, but my only problem with it was that it would not boot up to a windows cd. I had to use the floppy bootdisk to install windows. I would suggest that you order a board online. I got my Fic Ad11 for only $105 at GPS Computer services. They also carry the Abit KT7A Raid board. I suggest you skip the Raid, and get the KT7A. I believe GPS sells it for about $124 plus shipping. You can find GPS Computer Services using the Google search engine. You will not find it listed under Yahoo.
  4. I have a kt7A raid, no probs booting from cd

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  5. You know that it has to be set in bios right?? And it depends on your cd-rom drive too. My kenwood true-x won't boot but i just use my cd-rw to boot when i reload it. I just copy the cab files to a drive anyways so it doesn't get used too much just for copying and booting.

    Im savin up for a Cobra!! Hehe!! :wink: :wink:
  6. I don't think $70 is too bad. I only have enough cash for that. If you're wondering why im only 14 and i earn cash by mowing lawns.

    Im savin up for a Cobra!! Hehe!! :wink: :wink:
  7. KT7A is a pretty good board. the chipset (KT133A) is a little finicky sometimes. check around to read about some of the hardware incompatabilites as well. the nice thing about this board is that it was/is extremely popular, so many if not all of the problems have been discovered and more or less fixed or solutions are available.

    the best source of info on the board i've found is Paul's KT7 FAQ over at viahardware.com. he's got all the drivers, bios', everything. Great source of info on problems and solutions.


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