Similar Game to Mafia 2 or Grand Theft Auto or L.A. Noire?

I've played Mafia 2 and GTA and i liek them, but i've finsih them long time ago and i need new games to play. I dig LA NOIRE but iots not votu on PC yet.

i like the driving part of the game , not racing, but driving and chasing pppl. so is there any game out there liek that? New games please, i dont dig old graphics haha
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  1. There aren't much games like that. You want games in which you can free roam ? Total Over Dose is not a bad game, but it's old. L.A Noire won't be out till fall.
  2. I dint like God father. Although Godfather 2 was okay.
  3. Actually You Already Played Best 1, Still If Your Thirst Is On, Go for SAINTS ROW , dude.

    Best of luck, in gaming ahead.
  4. Red dead: redemption?
  5. Red Dead Redemption is a console exclusive.
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