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So i've been having problems with my fallout3 game of the year edition that i bought off steam.. i have an almost brand new computer (about a month old) it's a packard bell ixtreme m5801 with an intel core i5 cpu 3.20ghz 6gb ram running 64-bit windows 7 and i have problems with constant freezing.. the longest time i have been able to play in one streak is about 5-10 mins and the shortest is maybe 10 seconds.
and even when i download and try to install the latest patch (1.7) from the bethseda website it just crashes and stops the install.. i have tried to disable ffdshow being used for fallout and have tried changing all the graphics settings and edited the fallout ini file and it helped a bit but not much...
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  1. If anyone could help me in any way i would be very grateful :)
  2. not sure if this is something to do with the problem.. but the fallout launcher seems to get stuck when i click play and the launcher stays open.. and if i minimize fallout to close the launcher it displays the "windows has encountered a problem" message and closes it .. but then it wont let me reopen my currently running game..
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    fddshow as in fdd show that you get with a codec pack? if you have win 7 theres less need for any 3rd party codec packs. so remove any you have installed.
    i think your model comes with a dedicated gfx card (i think as i cant find it) so update your gfx and make sure the install isn corrupt by using steams own verifyer to check file integrity.

    if all is ok the play the game and wait for the crash, then go to contolpannel and admin tools/event viewer. check the event wich caused the crash.
  4. I updated my gfx driver and verified my game through steam, still had the freezing/crashing problem.. but in the event viewer it shows that the event is AppHangB1
  5. And my video card is NVIDIA GeForce GT 440
  6. thanks for the help so far. :)
  7. i just played around with the game setting and now i have been playing for an hour+ without a crash :D
    thanks for the help guys. only time will tell if this is solved i guess
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  9. the few times i did have isses with fallout was when i was using dlc.
    at the bottom corener of the loader was a checkbox for loose files or something (sorry i cant be specific but i dont have it installed atm) anyway. when i loaded the dlc and clicked that checkbox the game would often crash. if i ran without it checked the game was stable... im not entirley sure what it does but it did make the game less stable when used...
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