Im confused whether not I can run this game.

I recently checked the system requirements lab, a website that tells you if you can run a specific game. I found out that star wars the old republic was added to the list. Now I have a laptop, with onboard graphics. I thought that was gonna be a problem. So I did the check up, and low and behold it says I cant run the game.

It says my processor is not up to par. Obviously I was crushed. I have been looking forward to this game since the beginning of this year. Then I remembered something. people on the forums said if you can run World of Warcraft, then you can run this game. And I have played World of Warcraft until lvl 64 until I got bored with the game, albeit with all game settings turned down, the game ran perfectly.. So I checked with system requirements lab if I could "run" World of Warcraft. It says I could not, again saying my processor was not on par.

Also another thing, I can run Shogun 2: Total War on my laptop, again with everything on low settings. I checked that game on the system requirements lab, an it said I COULD run Shogun 2. I am very confused. Can anyone help me?

Here are me specs for my laptop.

CPU: AMD Athlon II 2.1 ghtz dual core processor
RAM: 4 gigs
Graphics card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250 ( note it has 2gb memory)
OS: windows 7

here's the link to system requirements lab :

Heres the link to the minimun requirements for swtor:

I just want to know if i can run Star wars the old republic.
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    Hi. System Requirements Lab is a good benchmark test, but it as far from reliable when it comes to making a decision on purchasing a game. What are your specs? GPU, CPU and RAM?

    I posted my specs, but ill post them again,

    CPU: AMD athlon II 2.1 ghtz
    GPU: AMD mobility radeon 4250
    RAM: 4 gigs
    OS: windows 7
  2. its primarily your video card, the ram has some to do with how well it will perform, but far from the only thing that will make your top run well. That card wont utilize the ram because of the lack of procesing power. Its a card that should pretty much be used for watching movies or very very light gaming like pop cap and such> Im pretty sure your 2g of memory is what is shared by the cpu and the video card, not what is dedicated to the card like onboard ram and such.
  3. The HD 4250 isn't made for gaming. As Flint pointed out, it's mainly a multimedia card, rather than a gaming card. Also, that Althlon II might be a bit old. So, if you want to play games on that, I'm pretty sure it won't be pretty. So getting or building a better rig would be better.
  4. But will the game be playable? even on he lowest settings?
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    You would be able to play the game on low settings and lowered resolution. It asks for a 7800GT as a minimum requirement, so you're good. But mind you, on the lowest settings. The system requirments given in that site are the minimum and not recommended.
  6. yup what Gman said - it would probably even have to be at 800x600 res and low everything
  7. I played all those settings on wow, and it looked ok for me. As long as the gameplay is fun!
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