Plantronics audio .355 poblems/ help?

my headset works fine with video game sometimes i can hear fine and they can hear me and i hear myself even, but with skype it will not work, the headset never came with drivers or anything never any setup instructions , but says on box compatible with skype, and yahoo messenger. will someone please help me i want to use skype for callinng mobile and landlines or does anyone know of a good headset for sure? please help before i grind this headset into ******* dust and set it on fire outside bestbuy????????
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    The headset seems to be working properly, otherwise it wouldn't work with the other programs. It sounds like a configuration issue. Do you have it configured as the default device in the SKYPE program? If you haven't, you may want to see if it is recognized as a choice by SKYPE so that you can select it within the program. In the SKYPE program, you just go into "tools", then "options", then "audio settings", and just make your selection from the drop down box.

    Hope this helps from Headsets Direct.

    thanks buddy alot, i thot i had already tried that but i guess i didnt try hard enough it was probbly me just being to pissed off at it. works great now thanks!!
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