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I cleaned my computer with advanced system cleaner and now i cant play games

i couldnt play the games that i love off of face book after i did a restore on my comp. but then i did a hp update and i could play for a while and then i did a clean with advance system restore and i cant play agian i dont know if something got deleted when i cleaned it out with the advance system care im pretty sure it did but i was wondering what i could do to make it so i can play my games agian, do i need to download a gaming card or something im not good with the whole game cards on computers but i do know my comp can play them i have a G72-B53NR NOTEBOOK IT ALSO HAS A 5IN 1 DIGITAL READER PLEASE HELP ME MY NAME IS NICOLE D. AND MY E-MAIL IS
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  1. Please remove you email address from your post.

    What is "advance system care" and where did you get it?
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    You posted under the wrong topic. This is console gaming so don't expect a lot of answers.

    Anyhow, assuming this is some kind of reigistry cleaner, this is why I don't like to use them. Some are too aggressive and will delete stuff they shouldn't, thus rendering programs/games useless.

    A system restore to a date prior to you running advanced system care should fix it.
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