Looking for PC gaming headset recomendations

I am in the market for a new headset and would like to hear suggestions good or bad.


First and foremost, completely non-negotiable, it must be completely around the ears. I currently have a Logitech wireless head set with a 2" cup that rests on my ears and it gets painful as it squeezes my ears. I want a headset that the cups rest against my head, supported by the band across the top of my head. Comfort is my biggest priority, I spend hours playing games with my kids who are 1500 miles away.

Wired or wireless: I am leaning toward wired because i am terrible about remembering to turn them off or plug them in when I'm not using them. Wireless is not completely out because i do like the freedom to move around. I guess as long as the headset can be plugged in while being used, wireless is good.

Connection type: I am leaning toward headphone jack over USB. My current set require a full 3 minutes after i plug the USB cord in before windows recognizes that they are attached and diverts sound to them. Unplugging them is almost instant switch over. Also, if I plug them into a different USB port, windows recognizes them as a different set of headphones and does not set them as the in-use device. I then have to bring up audio properties and set them to active. Gets to be a real PITA. I figure headphone jack connections would eliminate these problems. If you have USB headsets that don't experience this, I'd be interested to hear about it.

Stereo or surround: I would be interested in surround if it really works. I'm not expecting movie theater quality surround, but if it does have a passable surround experience that would be a plus. My computer will support surround through the 3 audio jacks, but my current research leads me to expect this to be done through USB. Stereo is acceptable.

Audio quality: I am not an audiophile. I do expect them to sound decent, but i won't analyze the audio quality with 30 different types of music and sound files.

Versatility: I do not own an xbox, ps3 or anything beyond my computer. I am highly unlikely to ever attach these to anything but my computer.

Current research: I have been heavily looking at the Logitech G35 and G930 headsets. I have been a long-time logitech user and the only product I have ever had a complaint about is the current headset. But that complaint doesn't go beyond comfort and convenience. Audio quality and use of them have been great. My biggest issue with the G35 and G930 is the USB connection. My current experience with usb audio is kind of muddy (see above).

That's pretty much it, looking forward to your recomedndations and horror stories.
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  1. I'm using the Razer Carcharias and am pretty happy with them! Great noise cancellation, no static noise, etc and a decent mic. Would love to upgrade to the Razer Megalodon, but would be compulsive spending! Also, what's your budget?
  2. I see your point about having headphones completely around the ears, but...

    ...have you seen the Roccat Vire? http://www.roccat.org/Products/Gaming-Sound/ROCCAT-Vire/

    They're ear-phones, much like the ones you get with an iPhone, in that they have a microphone built into them. The sound quality is good and you scarcely know you're wearing them, not to mention they're quite well-priced (£15-ish).

    Review: http://www.hardwareheaven.com/reviews/882/pg1/roccat-vire-gaming-headset-introduction.html

    Thought I'd mention it as your criteria of around the ear is based on comfort, and these are extremely comfortable. FWIW, I have a pair of Denon headphones (which aren't gaming head-phones, just for music) that sit completely around the ear and after an hour or so I'm starting to notice discomfort from the pressure.
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